Chan­te­cler e la ma­gia dell’amo­re

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Chan­te­cler DiA­mour Fo­lies [1] è una col­le­zio­ne ispi­ra­ta al­le fol­lie d’amo­re. Cri­stal­lo di roc­ca, gia­da ne­ra, ame­ti­sta e tur­che­se, ca­rat­te­riz­za­ti da ta­gli ir­re­go­la­ri e asim­me­tri­ci e rac­chiu­si da una raf­fi­na­ta trama d’oro, rea­liz­za­ta dai pic­co­li gal­li sti­liz­za­ti a for­ma­re un uni­ver­so di cuo­ri. A com­ple­ta­re la col­le­zio­ne un anel­lo ma­gi­co, Ma­gie [2], sin­go­la­re ed in­tri­gan­te, dal­le di­men­sio­ni im­por­tan­ti. Uni­che e raf­fi­na­te le crea­zio­ni del­la col­le­zio­ne Et Voi­là [3], la pri­ma in pu­ro ar­gen­to rea­liz­za­ta nell’in­con­fon­di­bi­le sti­le Chan­te­cler. Un’al­le­gra e spen­sie­ra­ta ca­sca­ta di per­fe­zio­ni ma­ni­fat­tu­rie­re per chi non ri­nun­cia ad ele­gan­za ed ori­gi­na­li­tà. Oc­ca­sio­ne da non per­de­re per ap­prez­za­re da vi­ci­no que­ste e mol­te al­tre raf­fi­na­te col­le­zio­ni Chan­te­cler è l’even­to che dal 10 al 13 lu­glio tra­sfor­ma la gio­iel­le­ria Ober­dan in un pre­zio­so scri­gno in Pu­ro Spi­ri­to di Ca­pri. da Ober­dan, via Car­duc­ci 65, For­te

dei Mar­mi, +39 0584 81410

Chan­te­cler and Lo­ve’s Ma­gic Chan­te­cler’s DiA­mour Fo­lies [1] is a col­lec­tion in­spi­red by the va­ga­ries of lo­ve. Rock cry­stal, black ja­de, am- ethy­st, and tur­quoi­se, ir­re­gu­lar­ly and asym­me­tri­cal­ly cut and loc­ked in ele­gant gol­den webs. Com­ple­ting the col­lec­tion, the sin­gu­lar Ma­gie [2] ma­gi­cal ring, big and in­tri­guing. Et Voi­là [3] pre­sen­ts the so­phi­sti­ca­ted new crea­tions com­po­sing the fir­st pu­re sil­ver col­lec­tion in ini­mi­ta­ble Chan­te­cler sty­le. For clo­se-ups of the­se and other jewels, stop by Ober­dan jewe­lers from 10 th­rou­gh 13 Ju­ly. Chan­te­cler и магия любви Драгоценные украшения Chan­te­cler « DiA­mour Fo­lies » [1] - это коллекция, навеянная сумасшедствием любви. Горный хрусталь, черный нефрит, аметист и изумруды,

обработанные нарочито ассиметричным спо-


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