Spi­ri­to li­be­ro ma­schi­le


Sem­pli­ce e li­nea­re ma di gran ca­rat­te­re, in pie­no sti­le Car­tier. E' Ca­li­bre de Car­tier, nuo­vo em­ble­ma ma­schi­le che vi­ve nel riu­sci­to equi­li­brio tra ro­bu­stez­za e fi­nez­za, in un sot­ti­le gio­co di con­tra­sti ot­te­nu­to dal­le fi­ni­tu­re lu­ci­de e sa­ti­na­te (nel­la fo­to il mo­del­lo in ac­cia­io con qua­dran­te ne­ro). L'oro­lo­gio è do­ta­to del ca­li­bro 1904 MC, pri­mo mo­vi­men­to mec­ca­ni­co a ca­ri­ca au­to­ma­ti­ca 100% Car­tier.

da Cas­set­ti, via Car­duc­ci 6/d an­go­lo piaz­za Mar­co­ni For­te dei Mar­mi, +39 0584 85044

Ca­li­bra­ted Men's Ti­me­kee­ping Sim­ple and li­near but wi­th a great heart, in per­fect Car­tier sty­le. Ca­li­bre de Car­tier is the new em­blem for men that holds a per­fect ba­lan­ce bet­ween streng­th and si­gna­tu­re fi­ne de­si­gn, in a sub­tle play of con­tra­sting shi­ny and sa­tin fi­ni­shes (in the pho­to, the black-dial steel mo­del). The wat­ch is po­we­red by the Ca­li­bre 1904 MC, the fir­st 100% Car­tier self-win­ding me­cha­ni­cal mo­ve­ment.

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