L'amo­re (e il co­lo­re) cam­bie­rà il mon­do

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Per la cal­da esta­te 2011 Ma­gaz­zi­ni del Sa­le re­ga­la sen­ti­men­to a pie­ne ma­ni. E leg­ge­rez­za, gla­mour, ele­gan­za… Una col­le­zio­ne che ban­di­sce ruo­li, eti­chet­te e ste­reo­ti­pi, in cui trion­fa­no le stam­pe a far­fal­la, le fan­ta­sie flo­rea­li, i co­lo­ri ac­ce­si. Un grande ar­ma­dio che gli sti­li­sti Gra­zia­no Mo­ro e Re­na­to Pi­gat­ti riem­pio­no di top, T-shirt, pan­ta­lo­ni, gon­ne, giac­che, ma so­prat­tut­to abi­ti: leg­ge­ris­si­mi, co­lo­ra­ti, a stra­ti so­vrap­po­sti, tu­bi­ni si­mil-due-pez­zi, a fa­scia, scol­la­ti sul­la schie­na, mo­no­spal­la. Da in­dos­sa­re con amo­re per cam­bia­re il mon­do.

Ma­gaz­zi­ni del Sa­le, via Sta­gi 35, For­te dei Mar­mi +39 0584 0584 83012, www.ma­gaz­zi­ni­del­sa­le.com

Lo­ve (and Co­lor) Can Chan­ge the World For the long hot sum­mer of 2011, Ma­gaz­zi­ni del Sa­le is gi­ving away good fee­ling by the han­d­ful. And light­ness, gla­mour, ele­gan­ce . . . wi­th a col­lec­tion that abo­li­shes ro­les, la­bels, and ste­reo­ty­pes; in whi­ch but­ter­fly prin­ts, flo­ral pat­terns, and bright co­lors gai­ly trium­ph. A great big war­dro­be that sty­lists Gra­zia­no Mo­ro and Re­na­to Pi­gat­ti ha­ve fil­led wi­th tops, T-shirts, pan­ts, skirts, jac­ke­ts – but main­ly dres­ses: ex­tre­me­ly light­weight, co­lor­ful dres­ses: laye­red and dra­ped, shif­ts and shea­ths, mock two-pie­ces, bac­kless, one-shoul­der. To wear wi­th lo­ve, to chan­ge the world.

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