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Vir­tus Pa­le­stre pre­sen­ta Olym­pia, nuo­va li­nea sport-cou­tu­re don­na par­ti­co­lar­men­te cu­ra­ta nei det­ta­gli e nel­le co­stru­zio­ni sti­li­sti­che, ma con un for­te ca­rat­te­re atle­ti­co sot­to­li­nea­to dai più clas­si­ci co­lo­ri spor­ti­vi: ros­so, blu e bian­co. Ac­can­to al­la li­nea ba­sic con­ti­nua il suc­ces­so di Edi­zio­ne Al­le­na­men­to don­na, pro­dot­ta in­te­ra­men­te in Ita­lia, all'in­se­gna del­la ri­cer­ca e del­la spe­ri­men­ta­zio­ne: il con­tra­sto tra la cu­ra per i det­ta­gli e gli in­ten­si trat­ta­men­ti (la­vag­gi, sbia­di­tu­re e rot­tu­re) do­na ai ca­pi un ca­rat­te­re fem­mi­ni­le che non ri­nun­cia al­la co­mo­di­tà. In col­le­zio­ne pan­ta­lo­ni in jer­sey dal fit­ting spor­ti­vo, fel­pe e abi­ti gri­gio me­lan­ge con scol­la­tu­re sen­sua­li, top e mo­no­spal­la in tes­su­to ar­gen­to la­mi­na­to, fel­pe re­ver­si­bi­li spu­gna/co­to­ne e leg­ge­ri giub­bi­ni in nylon e fel­pa. Cin­que le t-shirts del pac­chet­to “ico­na”: gra­fi­che ne­re su fon­do bian­co, iro­ni­che e ir­ri­ve­ren­ti con ri­chia­mi al­la dan­za e al mon­do spor­ti­vo.

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Com­for­ta­ble Fe­mi­ni­ni­ty Vir­tus Pa­le­stre pre­sen­ts Olym­pia, the new wo­men's sport-cou­tu­re li­ne that uni­tes at­ten­tion to de­tail and fa­shion con­tent wi­th an athle­tics-min­ded cha­rac­ter rei­te­ra­ted in the mo­st clas­sic sports co­lors: red, blue, and whi­te. The ba­sic li­ne is flan­ked by the ever-suc­ces­sful wo­men's Edi­zio­ne Al­le­na­men­to col­lec­tion, ma­nu­fac­tu­red en­ti­re­ly in Ita­ly and strong in re­sear­ch and ex­pe­ri­men­ta­tion: the ca­re­ful­ly­craf­ted de­tails con­tra­st shar­ply wi­th dra­stic treat­men­ts (wa­shing, blea­ching, and stres­sing) to gi­ve the gar­men­ts an ex­qui­si­te­ly fe­mi­ni­ne yet com­for­ta­ble and li­ved-in look. The col­lec­tion in­clu­des sports-fit jer­sey pan­ts, mé­lan­ge grey swea­ts and lit­tle dres­ses wi­th sen­sual dé­col­le­tés, sil­ver la­mé one-shoul­der tops, re­ver­si­ble ter­ry/cot­ton zip­pe­red swea­tshirts and light­weight nylon/plu­sh jac­ke­ts. Fi­ve tees in the “icon” pack: black gra­phics on whi­te for iro­nic and ir­re­ve­rent re­fe­ren­ces to dan­ce and the world of sports.

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