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Shop­ping for the ho­me wi­th the ho­me de­cor ex­perts Il Te­la­io is a pla­ce whe­re fa­brics meet ideas. A crea­ti­ve la­bo­ra­to­ry. A shop-si­ze fi­le-fol­der full of finds: cur­tains and dra­pes, ho­me li­nens, wall­pa­pers, rugs, ce­ra­mics, ho­me fra­gran­ces . . . and a se­lec­tion of lo­ve­ly dres­ses, ac­ces­so­ries, and fa­shion com­ple­men­ts. A shop for see­king in­spi­ra­tion, for shop­ping ar­med wi­th pri­ce­less tips on dif­fe­rent ma­te­rials and their uses. “We work in tan­dem wi­th the fi­ve-star sec­tor firms,” says Clau­dia, “so­me of whi­ch pro­vi­de their own cu­stom ser­vi­ces for cu­stom so­lu­tions. Our clien­ts lo­ve the per­so­nal tou­ch and vi­sit us of­ten to rif­fle the sam­ple books, ex­pe­ri­ment wi­th mi­xes and mat­ches, pick our (con­sul­ting) brains, and pro­fit by the skill of our craf­ters. It's ex­traor­di­na­ri­ly sti­mu­la­ting!” And, might we say, great fun!

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