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èraf­fi­na­tis­si­ma la don­na che ve­ste Fa­bia­na Fi­lip­pi que­st'esta­te: tes­su­ti splen­di­di e li­nee stre­pi­to­se per sod­di­sfa­re le esi­gen­ze di una don­na che de­si­de­ra es­se­re per­fet­ta dal­la mat­ti­na al­la se­ra. I tes­su­ti so­no fre­schi e flut­tuan­ti, ca­mi­cie in po­pe­li­ne, raf­fi­na­ti top in pre­zio­si sa­tin, mor­bi­di suè­de tra­fo­ra­ti. Nei co­lo­ri pre­val­go­no le sfu­ma­tu­re pol­ve­ro­se, che si me­sco­la­no a tin­te dal­le gra­da­zio­ni ener­ge­ti­che e

mi­xa­te tra lo­ro.


Ex­cep­tio­nal ele­gan­ce for this sum­mer's Fa­bia­na Fi­lip­pi wo­man: splen­did fa­brics and flat­te­ring forms ca­ter to any wo­man's wi­sh for an im­pec­ca­ble look from mor­ning to eve­ning. The fa­brics are fre­sh and flo­wing: po­plin blou­ses, tops in pre­cious sa­tins, soft la­cework sue­des. A pre­va­len­ce of du­sty co­lors, wi­th he­re and the­re ener­ge­tic ac­cen­ts and unu­sual mi­xes. Fa­bia­na Fi­lip­pi, piaz­zet­ta To­ni­ni 14, For­te dei Mar­mi, +39 0584 80483, www.fa­bia­na­fi­lip­pi.com

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