Ec­cel­len­za del­lo sti­le, na­tu­ral­men­te

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Co­lo­ri cal­di ma di­scre­ti, fi­bre naturali, ec­cel­len­za del­lo sti­le frut­to di un fe­li­ce in­con­tro fra espe­rien­za e crea­ti­vi­tà. So­no le li­nee gui­da del­le col­le­zio­ni esti­ve FE­DE­LI, sto­ri­co brand del­la ma­glie­ria ita­lia­na di qua­li­tà che per ce­le­bra­re gli ot­tant’an­ni af­fi­da la col­le­zio­ne fem­mi­ni­le al­la sti­li­sta Glo­ria Si­bon. Nel guar­da­ro­ba del­la don­na Fe­de­li en­tra­no co­sì for­me nuo­ve, ori­gi­na­li e geo­me­tri­che (gon­ne a pal­lon­ci­no, ma­ni­che a kimono…) con un uso più au­da­ce dei co­lo­ri, so­prat­tut­to ne­gli ac­co­sta­men­ti fra in­ten­se tin­te uni­te e fan­ta­sie d’ar­chi­vio. Per l’uo­mo la col­le­zio­ne si di­vi­de ideal­men­te in due gran­di te­mi: il ma­re, con co­stu­mi da ba­gno in leg­ge­ris­si­ma mi­cro­fi­bra, pra­ti­che po­lo di spu­gna e giub­bi­ni in tes­su­to tec­ni­co; la cit­tà, do­ve al cal­do esti­vo si ri­spon­de con un look raf­fi­na­to e di­sin­vol­to, fat­to di co­lo­ri cal­di ma non trop­po ac­ce­si, ca­rat­te­riz­za­to dal­la ma­glie­ria (pie­tra mi­lia­re del brand) e da fi­bre no­bi­li come il li­no e il cash­me­re. Tut­to con la per­fe­zio­ne del det­ta­glio e con quell’amo­re di­chia­ra­to per l’ele­gan­za, la pra­ti­ci­tà e la so­brie­tà del­le li­nee che so­no i ve­ri mar­chi di fabbrica di Fe­de­li.


Warm but di­screet co­lors, natural fi­bers, and ex­cel­len­ce in sty­ling, fruit of a fe­li­ci­tous mee­ting of experience and crea­ti­vi­ty: the­se are the ground rules for the sum­mer col­lec­tions from Italy’s hi­sto­ric FE­DE­LI qua­li­ty knit­wear brand, now ce­le­bra­ting its eighty years. For the oc­ca­sion, a wo­men­swear collection by sty­li­st Glo­ria Si­bon, who has en­han­ced the Fe­de­li wo­man’s war­dro­be with new, ori­gi­nal, geo­me­tric forms (bal­loon skirts, kimono slee­ves . . .) and a mo­re da­ring use of co­lor, abo­ve all in the mat­ches bet­ween in­ten­se­ly-hued so­lids and prin­ts from the ar­chi­ves. The men’s collection ex­plo­res two broad the­mes: the sea, with swim trunks in light­weight mi­cro­fi­ber, prac­ti­cal ter­ry po­los, and tech­ni­cal-tex­ti­le jac­ke­ts; and the city, whe­re the an­swer to the sum­mer heat is an ele­gant, free-and-easy look in warm but not over­ly bright co­lors, di­stin­gui­shed by the brand’s mi­le­sto­ne knit­wear and by no­ble fi­bers li­ke li­nen and cash­me­re. All with that per­fec­tion in de­tai­ling and oft-de­cla­red lo­ve for ele­gan­ce, prac­ti­ca­li­ty, and so­ber li­nes that are Fe­de­li’s true hall­marks. Fe­de­li Cash­me­re, via Ido­ne 3/C, For­te dei Mar­mi +39 0584 784128, www.fe­de­li­cash­me­

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