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In coor­di­na­tion wi­th the ex­hi­bi­tion at the Mi­lan Trien­na­le “Ma­rio Bel­li­ni. Ita­lian Beau­ty,” and over 30 years af­ter the pro­duct’s laun­ch, Ro­sen­thal pays ho­ma­ge to the avant­gar­de de­si­gn of the Cu­po­la tea col­lec­tion de­si­gned by the Mi­la­ne­se ar­chi­tec­tu­re, is­suing a spe­cial edi­tion. One of the mo­st stri­king ta­bleware pro­jec­ts of the brand, in­spi­red by the mo­tifs of clas­si­cal ar­chi­tec­tu­re, is now back in a limited edi­tion of ju­st 99 pie­ces in whi­te, and 49 pie­ces in black. The tea set is com­po­sed of 21 pie­ces and co­mes in whi­te or black por­ce­lain, as in the ori­gi­nal, wi­th a tea­pot for six ser­vings, six tea­cups, des­sert pla­tes, a su­gar bo­wl and milk pit­cher. The cha­rac­te­ri­stic hand­les of the tea­pot and the cups and the in­tri­guing in­te­rac­tion bet­ween se­mi-mat­te and gla­zed sur­fa­ces be­co­me the di­stinc­ti­ve fea­tu­res of one of the col­lec­tions mo­st hi­ghly ac­clai­med for its mo­dern de­si­gn. ro­sen­

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