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The ex­traor­di­na­ry fa­me of the American ar­ti­st Ro­bert Indiana (New Ca­stle, 1928) is un­doub­ted­ly the re­sult of LOVE, a su­per-icon of Pop Art, on view on Six­th Ave­nue in New York and in the gar­dens of the Mu­seum of Art of New Or­leans. To­day in Eu­ro­pe we can get a di­rect ex­pe­rien­ce of Indiana’s works, be­cau­se from 9 April to 13 Au­gu­st Ca­sa Ru­sca in Locarno is ho­sting the fir­st Swiss ex­hi­bi­tion on this ar­ti­st (born in 1928), con­tai­ning pie­ces star­ting from the la­te 1950s. The ar­ti­st, who­se works have al­ways fo­cu­sed on ce­le­bra­tion, com­me­mo­ra­tion and co­lor, al­so owes his ana­ly­ti­cal use of lan­gua­ge to Ger­tru­de Stein, li­ke his rhy­th­mi­cal ca­den­ces and sen­se of un­der­sta­te­ment. Indiana, so­cial­ly and po­li­ti­cal­ly en­ga­ged th­rou­ghout his ca­reer, has rai­sed aware­ness and funds for va­rious cau­ses, in­clu­ding ci­vil rights. For exam­ple, in the pain­ting from the na­me of an American sla­ve ship) it is im­pos­si­ble to over­look his per­so­nal ta­ke on the American dream. mu­seo­ca­sa­ru­

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