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In 2007 An­drea and Cesare Cec­chi crea­ted a wi­ne that re­pre­sen­ted the be­st of their fa­mi­ly ter­ri­to­ries – Chian­ti Clas­si­co and Ma­rem­ma – un­der the na­me who­se ‘phi­lo­so­phy’ is al­so con­veyed by its la­bel: a thought of St. Au­gu­sti­ne, gra­phi­cal­ly sty­led in the form of an hour­glass. To­day, ten years la­ter, Fa­mi­glia Cec­chi has pre­sen­ted, at (9-12 April), a bo­xed set of th­ree im­por­tant vin­ta­ges (2009, 2010, 2011), thanks to col­la­bo­ra­tion wi­th the Fi­ne Arts Aca­de­my of Florence, who­se stu­den­ts have in­ter­pre­ted Coevo wi­th 45 drawings, nar­ro­wed do­wn to th­ree af­ter two se­lec­tion pro­ces­ses, by the winners Ma­ryam Ka­ra­mj (Iran), Eu­ge­nya Pan­kra­to­va (Rus­sia), Te­re­sa Pa­ren­ti (Ita­ly). has thus be­co­me a te­tra­he­dron in dark wood that con­tains th­ree me­mo­ra­ble years (600 eu­ros), in a limited edi­tion of 200 pie­ces, ea­ch num­be­red and per­so­na­li­zed wi­th a de­scrip­ti­ve no­te by the ar­ti­st. fa­mi­glia­cec­

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