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The Fren­ch ‘no­se’ Fa­bri­ce Pel­le­grin, for his de­but wi­th the fra­gran­ce brand L’ar­ti­san Par­fu­meur – crea­ted in 1976 in Pa­ris by Jean La­por­te – has co­me to grips wi­th an unu­sual exer­ci­se: to re­pre­sent two ab­so­lu­te­ly le­gen­da­ry works by great Impressionist pain­ters, using his own pa­let­te of aro­mas. Fir­st of all, this is a tri­bu­te to two ma­ster­pie­ces: by Clau­de Mo­net, and by Edouard Ma­net, of­fe­ring in­ten­se in­spi­ra­tion for two co­lo­gnes wi­th the sa­me ti­tles by the Fren­ch ni­che brand, whi­ch for four de­ca­des has be­lie­ved in the ol­fac­to­ry in­ter­pre­ta­tion of ma­jor ‘natural’ the­mes th­rou­gh the sen­si­bi­li­ties of the fra­gran­ce de­si­gner. L’ar­ti­san Par­fu­meur adds a new chap­ter to its hi­sto­ry, laun­ching its fir­st col­lec­tion of co­lo­gnes. ar­ti­san­par­fu­

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