Fur­ni­tu­re and com­ple­men­ts in the form of bring the of in­to the ho­me and out­door spa­ces

Trees gra­phic for­ce na­tu­re sty­li­zed

Interni - - LOOKING AROUND - K. C.


has al­ways been a vi­vid sour­ce of in­spi­ra­tion for de­si­gners. Re­cent in­ter­na­tio­nal crea­tions, for com­pa­nies ran­ging from ma­kers of ob­jec­ts to con­tract sup­pliers, gi­ve ri­se to an ideal fo­re­st of or­ga­nic forms. A roc­king cen­ter­pie­ce poe­ti­cal­ly sug­gests a leaf or a cy­press ben­ding in the wind. Im­pres­si­ve boo­k­ca­ses ta­ke the tree form back to a geo­me­tric sche­me of li­nes, whe­re the bran­ches be­co­me ori­gi­nal shel­ves. Sun­screen struc­tu­res or di­vi­ders have the ir­re­gu­lar pro­fi­les of bou­ghs. Pro­jec­ts that re­de­si­gn na­tu­re in a sym­bo­lic, ae­sthe­tic and func­tio­nal per­spec­ti­ve.

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