A trip in Scan­di­na­vian creativity, th­rou­gh the di­splays at the and the off-si­te even­ts of whi­ch ‘warms up’ the Swe­di­sh ca­pi­tal

Stoc­kholm Fur­ni­tu­re & Light Fair De­si­gn Week 2017,

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li­ve­ly Me­di­ter­ra­nean tou­ch brought va­rie­ty, in Fe­brua­ry, to the Swe­di­sh fair, whi­ch wi­th its usual ad­mi­ra­ble con­si­sten­cy sta­ges the ele­gant so­brie­ty of Scan­di­na­vian de­si­gn. The in­tro­duc­tion of the ima­gi­na­ti­ve world of Jai­me Hayon, gue­st of ho­nor, crea­ted a con­tra­st of two de­si­gn co­des: the ty­pi­cal ti­me­less, func­tio­nal, hu­ma­ne and clo­se-to-na­tu­re ap­proa­ch of Nor­dic de­si­gn, and the exu­be­rant, thea­tri­cal appeal of the Spa­ni­sh de­si­gner. It was no coin­ci­den­ce that his pa­vi­lio­nin­stal­la­tion (an architectural pa­sti­che of Gau­dí, Afri­ca and the Vien­na Se­ces­sion) was cal­led the DNA Gal­le­ry. En­te­ring it was a full ex­pe­rien­ce, the de­si­gner said, “a bit li­ke a trip inside my mind, amid­st my sculp­tu­ral forms, my ‘co­smos’ of bi­zar­re ob­jec­ts, a fan­ta­stic world in­spi­red by flo­ra and fau­na, the love of the craf­ts tra­di­tion and folk cul­tu­re.” In pa­ral­lel, vi­si­ting the fair re­pre­sen­ted an con­cre­te Scan­di­na­vian ex­pe­rien­ce, a di­rect plun­ge in­to the Nor­dic cul­tu­re of fur­ni­tu­re that sees eve­ry new pro­duct as a fu­tu­re clas­sic, ce­le­bra­ting the use­ful beau­ty of eve­ry­day ob­jec­ts (as in the col­lec­tion of com­ple­men­ts by Da­niel Ry­bak­ken for Ar­tek), and al­ways fo­cu­sing on the so­cial aspec­ts (as in the ca­se of the sofa by Front

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