The re­cent ope­ning of the

Cal­li­ga­ris sto­re in So­ho, in New York Ci­ty, con­firms the gro­w­th of the com­pa­ny’s re­tail net­work, af­ter the ope­ning sin­ce Ja­nua­ry 2016 of over 70 new poin­ts of sa­le around the world

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new Cal­li­ga­ris sto­re in New York is on Thomp­son Street, in the midd­le of So­ho, a di­strict wi­th a ve­ry high con­cen­tra­tion of creativity. The spa­ce has an area of over 350 squa­re me­ters on a sin­gle le­vel, set up as a suc­ces­sion of di­ning and li­ving zo­nes, for a com­ple­te architectural and ae­sthe­tic over­view of the brand’s de­si­gn spi­rit. Inside, the firm’s mo­st

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