That has rein­ven­ted an industrial seg­ment of the ci­ty, tran­sfor­ming it in­to one of the mo­st in-de­mand even­ts poin­ts in to­wn

In Mi­lan, on Via Me­ce­na­te, a ci­ta­del of mul­ti­func­tio­nal spa­ces

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on the tran­sfor­ma­tion of industrial buil­dings in red brick that on­ce we­re part of the Ca­pro­ni air­craft fac­to­ry in the ear­ly 1900s, on Via Me­ce­na­te in Mi­lan, the Ea­st End Stu­dios now oc­cu­py a ran­ge of mul­ti­func­tio­nal spa­ces of different si­zes. Along­si­de the bu­si­ness plan of fil­ling a gap in Mi­lan in the area of te­le­vi­sion stu­dios and spa­ces for even­ts and con­fe­ren­ces, fa­shion sho­ws, per­for­man­ces, cul­tu­ral and cor­po­ra­te hap­pe­nings, pro­duct pre­sen­ta­tions and photo shoo­ts, the ini­tia­ti­ve has ad­ded the idea of the reu­ti­li­za­tion and tran­sfor­ma­tion of ur­ban ar­ti­fac­ts ta­ken as a re­sour­ce to reac­ti­va­te an en­ti­re zo­ne of the ci­ty. In ef­fect, the rea­li­ty of Ea­st End Stu­dios has been a trail­bla­zer for the re­vi­ta­li­za­tion of en­ti­re aban­do­ned industrial blocks, con­que­red on a lar­ge sca­le by well­k­no­wn in­ter­na­tio­nal fa­shion brands, or on a small, pre­ci­se sca­le by spe­ci­fic ac­ti­vi­ties, in­clu­ding art gal­le­ries, in a pro­cess that over ti­me has ma­de this in­to a zo­ne of re­fe­ren­ce, on the ea­stern ou­tskirts of the ci­ty, not far from the Li­na­te Air­port. Wi­th an in­door area of about 10,000 squa­re me­ters, Ea­st End Stu­dios – wi­th its ima­ge that com­bi­nes industrial ar­chaeo­lo­gy wi­th the mo­st mo­dern tech­no­lo­gies and services for all ty­pes of even­ts – be­co­mes a spe­cial pla­ce for spec­ta­cles and hap­pe­nings of all kinds, thanks to the fle­xi­bi­li­ty of its in­de­pen­dent spa­ces, wi­th se­pa­ra­te en­tran­ces and heights ran­ging from 3 to 13 me­ters.

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