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Th­ree ex­cel­lent ex­po­nen­ts VIU Ho­tel Mi­lan

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in the Por­ta Vol­ta di­strict in Mi­lan, near the new headquarters of Fon­da­zio­ne Gian­gia­co­mo Fel­tri­nel­li de­si­gned by Her­zog & de Meu­ron. Li­ke this work of ar­chi­tec­tu­re that has al­rea­dy be­co­me a sym­bol of the ci­ty’s re­newal, the ho­tel stri­ves to re­pre­sent a ci­ty that is in­crea­sin­gly in­ter­na­tio­nal, ad­van­ced and su­stai­na­ble. The new VIU Ho­tel is an ini­tia­ti­ve of An­to­nio and Tom­ma­so Vi­scar­di, ac­ti­ve in the ho­spi­ta­li­ty in­du­stry sin­ce the 1980s. It be­co­mes their fir­st 5-star fa­ci­li­ty, in one of the emer­ging zo­nes of the Lom­bar­dy ca­pi­tal. The pro­ject has been de­si­gned by the ar­chi­tec­tu­re stu­dio Aras­so­cia­ti, ta­king its cue from the near­by award-win­ning Bo­sco Ver­ti­ca­le by Ste­fa­no Boe­ri to create ex­te­riors wi­th a struc­tu­re in eco­su­stai­na­ble wood, me­tal and pla­te glass, in an al­ter­na­ting ar­ran­ge­ment of ove­rhangs and re­ces­sed parts to of­fer many of the 124 rooms lar­ge ter­ra­ces wi­th lu­sh ve­ge­ta­tion. For the in­te­riors, Aras­so­cia­ti has tur­ned to the stu­dio of Ni­co­la Gal­li­zia, whi­ch has re­lied on de­ci­ded­ly contemporary li­nes, war­med by a com­po­si­tion of clas­sic ma­te­rials and co­lors. All the spa­ces of the ho­tel have been fur­ni­shed wi­th pro­duc­ts by Molteni&c: the pu­blic areas (en­tran­ces, re­stau­ran­ts, ca­fes), the rooms and sui­tes, for whi­ch the com­pa­ny ba­sed in Gius­sa­no has ma­de cu­stom pie­ces or se­lec­ted items from its ca­ta­lo­gue as a tri­bu­te to the Mi­la­ne­se cul­tu­re of li­ving. This cul­tu­re is re­pre­sen­ted by se­ve­ral ico­nic pie­ces, su­ch as the D.154.2 arm­chairs de­si­gned by Gio Pon­ti in 1954, pro­ta­go­nists to­ge­ther wi­th the Free­sty­le sofa by Fer­ruc­cio La­via­ni in the lob­by that wel­co­mes the guests of VIU.

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