In Co­pe­n­ha­gen, in the of the ca­pi­tal ci­ty, stands out for its ho­spi­ta­li­ty. A bou­ti­que fa­ci­li­ty de­si­gned li­ke a do­me­stic in­te­rior, it of­fers relaxation and com­fort un­der (Scan­di­na­vian, of cour­se) and su­stai­na­bi­li­ty

The Ho­tel SP34 mo­st bo­he­mian zo­ne the si­gn of de­si­gn

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Da­nes have a word, “hyg­ge”, to in­di­ca­te the at­mo­sphe­re that ma­kes a pla­ce tru­ly spe­cial, an island of pea­ce in whi­ch to re­lax and cat­ch one’s brea­th. They al­so use the term to de­scri­be the beau­ty of a war­ming fi­re, the plea­su­re of spen­ding ti­me wi­th friends, sha­ring a cup of tea or a glass of fi­ne wi­ne. The­re is plen­ty of hyg­ge at Ho­tel SP34 in Co­pe­n­ha­gen (at Sankt Pe­ders Strae­de 34, hen­ce the ini­tials of the na­me), be­lon­ging to the hi­sto­ric Da­ni­sh Brøch­ner Ho­tels group: 118 rooms on cor­ri­dors win­ding th­rou­gh th­ree hi­sto­ric buil­dings in the La­tin Quar­ter, the mo­st bo­he­mian and cha­rac­te­ri­stic di­strict in the Da­ni­sh ca­pi­tal. Mo­re than a ho­tel, this is a hou­se. Star­ting wi­th the en­tran­ce hall that isn’t the­re, re­pla­ced by a co­zy sa­lon wi­th so­fas and arm­chairs ga­the­red around a con­stan­tly glo­wing fi­re­pla­ce. A bi­cy­cle re­minds us that we are in Co­pe­n­ha­gen, the mo­st su­stai­na­ble ci­ty in Eu­ro­pe thanks to its ‘light’ mo­bi­li­ty (the­re are mo­re bi­cy­cles than in­ha­bi­tan­ts, on­ly 29% of whom own a car). The­re is al­so a TV room wi­th a big di­ning ta­ble around whi­ch to ga­ther wi­th friends for a chat, or to or­ga­ni­ze an in­for­mal work mee­ting (you can re­ser­ve it for the de­si­red ti­me), and vis-à-vis or in­di­vi­dual sea­ting, de­pen­ding on the mo­ment. The­re is no ac­tual re­cep­tion, but sim­ply a bar that eve­ry eve­ning, at 5 PM, of­fers guests a glass of ex­cel­lent, ri­go­rou­sly or­ga­nic wi­ne. Break­fa­st, com­po­sed of lo­cal pro­duc­ts, is con­su­med amid­st plan­ts, whi­ch cu­riou­sly peek out from va­ses han­ging from the cei­ling. But the true pro­ta­go­ni­st of the spa­ces is de­si­gn: ‘si­gna­tu­re’ pie­ces (from the chairs of Hans J. We­gner to the ta­bles of Nan­na Di­tzel, ju­st to men­tion two hi­sto­ric na­mes) punc­tua­te the spa­ces, to­ge­ther wi­th fur­ni­shings spe­ci­fi­cal­ly crea­ted for the ho­tel. One good exam­ple is the SP34 Chair for the break­fa­st room: a pie­ce of ano­ny­mous, no lo­go de­si­gn (the chair was found in a ba­se­ment du­ring the re­no­va­tion work) that has been put in­to pro­duc­tion and is now avai­la­ble for pur­cha­se by clien­ts, li­ke all the fur­ni­shings and lamps in the ho­tel. Two 100% or­ga­nic re­stau­ran­ts, a pri­va­te scree­ning room wi­th 24 sea­ts, a small gym and a lo­ve­ly terrace over­loo­king the roof­tops of Co­pe­n­ha­gen com­ple­te the SP34 ex­pe­rien­ce.

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