A hi­sto­ric si­te, re­born af­ter ca­re­ful and en­li­ve­ned by the pro­duc­ts of the latest generation of

Mu­sic and light are the pro­ta­go­nists of an in­te­gra­ted pro­ject in Luc­ca, at the A. Pas­sa­glia mu­sic high school: re­sto­ra­tion, Mar­ti­nel­li Lu­ce

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de­si­gn of a good school, an ad­van­ced edu­ca­tion fa­ci­li­ty, al­so de­pends on good lighting. Espe­cial­ly when the pla­ce set asi­de for tea­ching and cul­tu­re has to co­me to terms wi­th a hi­sto­ri­cal architectural com­plex of great im­pact, de­man­ding pre­ci­se in­ter­ven­tion, li­ke the for­mer Con­vent of Sant’ago­sti­no in Luc­ca. The struc­tu­re, da­ting back to the 1300s, wi­th a lo­ve­ly cloi­ster and a co­lon­na­de of poin­ted ar­ches, has been com­ple­te­ly re­pai­red and re­sto­red thanks to a pro­ject by the technical staff of the Pro­vin­ce of Luc­ca, wi­th the ar­chi­tec­ts Fran­ce­sca Laz­za­ri and Fa­bri­zio Me­chi­ni, and now hosts a mu­sic school: Li­ceo Mu­si­ca­le A. Pas­sa­glia. The floa­ting floor in wood in the mu­sic rooms and in sto­ne in the cir­cu­la­tion zo­nes ma­kes it pos­si­ble for all the technical sy­stems to be rou­ted be­low, brid­ging the va­rious le­vel shif­ts wi­thout ha­ving to de­mo­li­sh any exi­sting fea­tu­res. For spe­ci­fic ca­ses of op­ti­mi­zing of mu­si­cal acou­stics, the Ger­man stu­dio of Ge­rhard Mül­ler has in­ter­ve­ned (af­ter wor­king on the au­di­to­rium at the Par­co del­la Mu­si­ca in Ro­me de­si­gned by Ren­zo Pia­no), whi­le the ove­rall de­fi­ni­tion of the technical lighting sy­stem was Mar­ti­nel­li Lu­ce. The Luc­ca-ba­sed com­pa­ny foun­ded in the 1950s, an award-win­ning pre­sen­ce on the in­ter­na­tio­nal de­si­gn sce­ne, has de­ve­lo­ped a pro­ject that re­spec­ts bo­th the hi­sto­ri­cal con­text and the needs of stu­den­ts and tea­chers, crea­ting a spa­ce whe­re light is in­te­gra­ted wi­th the struc­tu­re, in a li­ve­ly yet di­screet way. On­ly LED fix­tu­res that com­ply wi­th the mo­st ad­van­ced cri­te­ria of ef­fi­cien­cy and ener­gy sa­ving have been used: the Set li­near sy­stem and the Sound su­spen­sion lamps for the clas­srooms, the Lu­naop and Lu­na lamps for the com­mu­nal areas, the Ca­la­bro­ne and Shan­ghai mo­dels for the cor­ri­dors, the thea­tri­cal Ko­ko mo­del for the mu­sic rooms, and the Cir­cu­lar lamps for the other edu­ca­tion spa­ces. pho­tos Emi­lia­na Mar­ti­nel­li, article An­to­nel­la Boisi

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