(Tre­vi­so), the new of­fi­ce buil­ding of wi­th its in­te­riors still un­der con­struc­tion, de­si­gned by

Man­suè Hen­ry Glass, Ales­san­dro & Fran­ce­sco Men­di­ni

Interni - - LOOKING AROUND - An­to­nel­la Boisi

our re­sear­ch on an ae­sthe­tic-pic­to­rial lan­gua­ge to ap­ply to ex­te­riors, an ex­pres­sion who­se fo­re­run­ners are the ear­lier buil­dings in Han­no­ver (of­fi­ces) and Lör­ra­ch (shops) in Ger­ma­ny, among others,” the Men­di­ni bro­thers ex­plain, si­gning the pro­ject to­ge­ther wi­th De­bo­ra Pas­sa­le­va, Gio­van­na Mol­te­nia and Bru­no Gre­go­ry. In sub­stan­ce, we are loo­king at a new vi­sual al­pha­bet that forms a mul­ti­co­lo­red wea­ve of si­gns, ba­lan­ced bet­ween art, de­co­ra­tion and func­tion. “The new buil­ding has a cir­cu­lar form,” they con­ti­nue, “and is con­nec­ted to the exi­sting fac­to­ry by means of a short rai­sed tun­nel. The glass of the fa­ca­de is bac­k­pain­ted and laye­red, and its whi­te-green pat­terns have been pro­du­ced by Hen­ry Glass. Ea­ch panel has a different de­co­ra­tion.” And al­so a different way of per­for­ming in re­la­tion to the an­gle of light on its sur­fa­ce: a frag­ment of a continuous sy­stem.

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