BRICK IN ITS PUREST FORM 2015 Ant­werp, Belgium 750 squa­re me­ters brick, glass, zinc, Afror­mo­sia wood, terrazzo, con­cre­te

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Com­ple­tion da­te: Lo­ca­tion: Built area: Ma­te­rials: For the BA Re­si­den­ce in a re­si­den­tial gar­den di­strict wi­th beau­ti­ful pro­tec­ted trees, the pro­per­ty’s architectural pa­ra­digms re­fe­ren­ce tho­se of the mo­der­ni­st mo­ve­ment, tra­ced back to the vil­la in Kre­feld by Mies van der Ro­he and the brick re­si­den­ces de­si­gned by the Ant­werp-ba­sed ar­chi­tect Na­ch­man Ka­plan­sky. The choice of ma­te­rials is that of the cot­ta­ge ty­po­lo­gy, but the way they are trea­ted and shaped pro­du­ces a new iden­ti­ty and at­mo­sphe­re: a kind of ti­me­less un­der­sta­te­ment as a reac­tion or cri­tic to the re­cent neo-ki­tsch hou­ses built in the zo­ne. The gui­de­li­nes: the for­mat of red brick and its in­ter­pre­ta­tion th­rou­gh different si­zes of brick vo­lu­mes that bring the gar­den inside the hou­se, gi­ving the con­struc­tion a sculp­tu­ral qua­li­ty that ex­tends to the spatial con­struct of the in­te­riors and the fur­ni­shings, fea­tu­ring sur­fa­ces in exo­tic afror­mo­sia wood, painted whi­te (for the walls), and in con­cre­te (for the floors). Other di­stinc­ti­ve fea­tu­res: lar­ge glass sur­fa­ces fra­med by ca­se­men­ts in dark gray me­tal, the lar­ge fi­re­pla­ce-

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