THE SCULP­TU­RAL STAIRCASE 2015 Lon­don, UK 650 squa­re me­ters sil­ver tra­ver­ti­ne (co­lumns, walls, display struc­tu­res), lu­mi­nous gray Ve­ne­tian stuc­co (walls and cei­lings), dark gray cement (floors and steps bor­de­red in black rub­ber), em­bos­sed leather (stair­cas

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Com­ple­tion da­te: Lo­ca­tion: Built area: Ma­te­rials: For the in­te­riors of the Lon­don flag­ship sto­re of Ale­xan­der Wang, the American fa­shion de­si­gner of Tai­wa­ne­se ori­gin kno­wn for the basic tai­lo­ring of ap­pa­rel in cash­me­re, cot­ton and li­nen, Vincent Van Duysen has de­ve­lo­ped a spatial set that re­lies on a so­phi­sti­ca­ted materic-chro­ma­tic ran­ge ba­sed on con­tra­sting com­bi­na­tions and do­mi­na­ted by ash-sil­ver to­nes of sto­ne and me­tal that har­mo­ni­ze wi­th the industrial struc­tu­re of the buil­ding (a for­mer po­st of­fi­ce). The fa­ci­li­ty has th­ree le­vels, around a sculp­tu­ral cen­tral staircase that adds dy­na­mi­sm and strong physical pre­sen­ce to the spa­ce, marked by a ri­go­rous grid of co­lumns, beams and ni­ches cut in­to the walls, and coun­te­red by a se­ries of chro­me-pla­ted tu­bes that set the rhy­thm of the su­spen­ded display fix­tu­res, roun­ding out the com­po­si­tion of black plat­forms wi­th roun­ded bor­ders and soft finishes. The fur­ni­shings un­der­sco­re the di­stinc­tions bet­ween raw ma­te­rials, craf­tsman­ship and industrial pro­duc­tion. This hy­brid landscape al­so fea­tu­res cu­stom pie­ces co-de­si­gned by Ale­xan­der Wang and Vincent Van Duysen, reis­sues of Se­ven­ties uphol­ste­red fur­ni­shings de­si­gned by Gian­fran­co Frat­ti­ni for Tac­chi­ni, and sculptures by Ben Storms and Ge­rard Kui­j­pers.(photo Koen Van Dam­me/ courtesy VVDA)

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