ELE­MEN­TA­RY MO­NO­LI­THIC FORMS 2015 Ham­burg, Ger­ma­ny 112 squa­re me­ters pla­ster, blue­sto­ne, li­nen, oak, steel

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Com­ple­tion da­te: Lo­ca­tion: Built area: Ma­te­rials: The fir­st Aesop sto­re in Ham­burg is pla­ced be­hind a pro­tec­ted he­ri­ta­ge fa­ca­de in ca­se iron in the hi­sto­ric Abc-vier­tel di­strict, amid­st lu­xu­rious shops. The exi­sting spa­ce has been re­sto­red to its ori­gi­nal sta­te: the walls and cei­lings have been strip­ped and then co­ve­red wi­th a pa­le pla­ster tex­tu­re for a tac­ti­le ef­fect. The floors are in blue­sto­ne, li­ke the wa­sh­ba­sin-foun­tain ma­de from a sin­gle block. The display shel­ves, al­so ma­de by hand, are in Eu­ro­pean oak and blac­ke­ned steel (in an ex­pli­cit re­fe­ren­ce to the fa­ca­de). The­se natural ma­te­rials in­ter­pre­ted in a soft chro­ma­tic ran­ge de­fi­ne the ele­men­ta­ry forms of a so­ber spa­ce, whe­re in the treat­ment rooms se­pa­ra­ted from the re­tail zo­ne by full-height li­nen cur­tains floa­ting be­hind the sa­les coun­ter ex­pert the­ra­pists de­mon­stra­te the vir­tues of Aesop beau­ty pro­duc­ts. (photo courtesy VVDA)

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