PERFECT IMPLEMENTATION + AR­TI­SAN AP­PROA­CH 2017 Mi­lan, Ita­ly 1300 squa­re me­ters, on two le­vels black oak (wall­spa­nels), oxi­di­zed wood (floors and beams), raw me­tal, glass

Interni - - MONOGRAPH -

Com­ple­tion da­te: Lo­ca­tion: Built area:

Ma­te­rials: He­re is the latest gem crea­ted by Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&c and Dada, the new flag­ship sto­re, the lar­ge­st exclusive ou­tlet of Grup­po Molteni: 1300 squa­re me­ters on two le­vels, wi­th 15 shop win­do­ws in the heart of Mi­lan, in the pre­sti­gious Du­ri­ni De­si­gn Di­strict. The sho­w­room en­lar­ges the pre­vious fa­ci­li­ty on Cor­so Eu­ro­pa, thanks to the pur­cha­se of the lot on the cor­ner wi­th Via Ca­val­lot­ti, and it in­tro­du­ces a new re­tail con­cept in the 8 de­ca­des of hi­sto­ry of the brand. The crea­ti­ve di­rec­tor has ap­proa­ched this as a do­me­stic spa­ce, whe­re the di­ning/li­ving and be­droom zo­nes of Molteni&c and the kitchen spa­ces of Dada esta­bli­sh a dia­lo­gue, ex­plo­ring the mea­ning of the contemporary ha­bi­tat as a to­tal, dy­na­mic ex­pe­rien­ce, fluid and continuous in the spa­ce. The nar­ra­ti­ve is chan­ne­led by the rhy­thm of es­sen­tial, basic forms, materic geo­me­tries ma­de vi­brant by the jux­ta­po­si­tions and the lighting, de­ve­lo­ped in col­la­bo­ra­tion wi­th Flos and Ar­te­mi­de. The floors and the cei­ling beams are in wood, whi­le the wall panels are in black oak, and the com­pact

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