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My dear friends Fran­cis Upritchard and Mar­ti­no Gamper ha­ve a new ho­me. It is a beautiful light fil­led apart­ment that is es­sen­tial­ly a pro­to­ty­pe of their com­bi­ned creativity as the­re is hard­ly a sur­fa­ce that the cou­ple ha­ven’t in­ter­pre­ted in their own way. Eve­ry­day ma­te­rials ha­ve been ap­plied in in­no­va­ti­ve ways, di­stinc­ti­ve co­lour com­bi­na­tions crea­ted, glass lamp shades blo­wn by Fran­cis, even the pot­te­ry hooks on the back of the ba­th­room doors we­re ma­de by Mar­ti­no on a re­cent trip to New Zea­land. Eve­ry de­tail has been con­si­de­red, eve­ry item craf­ted. Bo­th Fran­cis and Mar­ti­no ex­hi­bit re­gu­lar­ly in their re­spec­ti­ve fields (Fran­cis as an ar­ti­st and Mar­ti­no as a de­si­gner), of­ten col­la­bo­ra­ting wi­th ea­ch other and other in­du­stry lea­ders. Fran­cis re­cen­tly crea­ted a cap­su­le col­lec­tion wi­th Bri­ti­sh la­bel Pe­ter Pi­lot­to in col­la­bo­ra­tion wi­th the Lon­don bou­ti­que Mat­ches. Their bu­sy li­ves in a bu­sy ci­ty led the cou­ple to tai­lor their work/li­fe ba­lan­ce to suit their spe­ci­fic needs, whi­ch ef­fec­ti­ve­ly meant less di­stan­ce bet­ween the two. They had been li­ving in Fran­cis’ hou­se in Hac­k­ney for ma­ny years when a plan was hat­ched to buy a for­mer prin­ting fac­to­ry wi­th th­ree other cou­ples, the exi­sting buil­ding would be­co­me Fran­cis and Mar­ti­no’s crea­ti­ve stu­dios and then to­ge­ther they would build th­ree le­vels of apart­men­ts abo­ve this. Jason Whi­te­ley of ar­chi­tec­tu­ral firm Ma­the­son Whi­te­ley was en­ga­ged to de­ve­lop the spa­ces and to crea­te a ba­se plan for ea­ch ow­ner, whi­ch could then be cu­sto­mi­sed to suit their own needs. I ha­ven’t seen in­si­de the other apart­men­ts but I feel con­fi­dent that no­ne of the others would be any­thing li­ke Fran­cis and Mar­ti­no’s. Wi­th a re­clai­med hard­wood par­quet floor, a su­bli­me­ly unu­sual pa­let­te of mar­bled mar­mou­leum pa­nels in­set in­to the doors and to crea­te the floor to cei­ling kitchen ca­bi­ne­try, all de­si­gned by Mar­ti­no. War­dro­bes doors are beau­ti­ful­ly uphol­ste­red in can­dy co­lou­red kva­drat fa­brics wi­th a se­pa­ra­te co­lour for the in­si­de as to the ou­tsi­de. The ba­th­room is ti­led in bro­wn Wel­sh Quar­ry ti­les from the 70s wi­th grey co­lou­red grout de­li­nea­ting them. The walls are whi­te wa­shed pi­ne wi­th the skir­ting of lac­que­red soft green punc­tua­ting the se­pa­ra­tion bet­ween the whi­te walls and the rich­ness of the par­quet floors. Fur­ni­shed wi­th an amal­ga­ma­tion of their own work and that of their friends; a chair and a day­bed by Max Lamb, pa­stel co­lou­red wall moun­ted glass lamps by Be­than Wood sit among­st lar­ge sca­le art­works by Pe­ter McDo­nald, Ca­ra­gh Thu­ring and Lu­ke Got­te­lier all brin­ging energy to the ho­me. The di­ning table, bed and dra­wers in the ma­ster be­droom are works by Mar­ti­no’s from a pro­ject

She’s an ar­ti­st; he’s a de­si­gner. And their ta­lent is mul­ti­plied in the for­mer sa­w­mill in Lon­don whe­re they li­ve wi­th other ar­tists. A cu­sto­mi­zed ho­me wi­th re­cy­cled par­quet, faux-mar­ble linoleum and a war­dro­be dres­sed in a fa­bric rain­bow

Mr and Mrs Gamper on the roof­top of their new hou­se in Lon­don: a for­mer sa­w­mill now con­ver­ted in­to a con­do

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