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An ar­chi­tect-ar­ti­san, a fur­ni­tu­re en­tre­pre­neur and a Ja­pa­ne­se de­si­gner com­bi­ne their ta­len­ts to con­ti­nue the ex­pe­ri­men­tal ar­ti­stry of a hi­sto­ric work­shop. Now wi­th its own chic bou­ti­que

«You can ma­ke any­thing you want wi­th wood, from chairs to ta­bles, cu­tle­ry to eyewear. Any­thing». The­se are the words of Pier­lui­gi Ghianda, the car­pen­ter in a suit and tie who craf­ted fur­ni­shings for the Agnel­li fa­mi­ly and re­sto­red tho­se in a hou­se by no­ne other than Frank Lloyd Wright. ‘A Galileo of Italian craf­tsman­ship and de­si­gn’, as de­scri­bed by Al­do Co­lon­net­ti, cu­ra­tor of (on at Vil­la Rea­le in Mon­za, Ita­ly until 8 January 2017), he was the pre­fer­red mo­del maker of Et­to­re Sott­sass, Gae Au­len­ti and other hea­vy­weights of Italian ar­chi­tec­tu­re. An in­ven­tor as well as ma­ster­ful ar­ti­san, the ca­bi­net­ma­ker who in­ven­ted the se­ga­ven­to (‘wind saw’) for L’Av­vo­ca­to, Gian­ni Agnel­li (what el­se can you gi­ve a man who has it all?), he was pos­ses­sed by per­fec­tio­ni­sm. To get the be­st wood, he tra­vel­led the world over, from Rus­sia to the banks of the Ama­zon River. His ho­ly grail was co­co­bo­lo, a plant na­ti­ve to Central Ame­ri­ca. He would let it dry, along wi­th other ty­pes of wood, wi­thin a vault at his work­shop in Bo­vi­sio Ma­scia­go (Brian­za), whe­re lu­xu­ry gian­ts li­ke Hermès, Dior, and Ro­lex would co­me seek him out. A true mae­stro, Ghianda lo­ved his li­ne of work – so mu­ch so that before his pas­sing in 2015 at the age of eighty-ni­ne, he did eve­ry­thing in his po­wer to en­su­re that the work­shop foun­ded by his fa­ther Igi­nio in the la­te 1800s was in good hands. The reins of con­trol we­re gi­ven, thou­gh not wi­thout so­me he­si­ta­tion, to Ro­meo Soz­zi, ow­ner of the Pro­me­mo­ria fur­ni­tu­re brand. Co­ming from a fa­mi­ly of ca­bi­net­ma­kers, Soz­zi is well

Bot­te­ga co­me Sim­po­sio Pier­lui­gi Ghianda. La

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