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The young Dut­ch ar­ti­st ba­sed in Rot­ter­dam has a thing for so­lid ma­te­rials. Wood, ce­ra­mics, me­tals, sto­ne and now even fa­brics. In his ta­len­ted hands, raw be­co­mes re­fi­ned. Co­lour­ful de­co­ra­tions full of li­fe

The de­si­gner Lex Pott pre­sen­ted a day­bed and stool ma­de of fa­bric at the mo­st re­cent De­si­gn Miami. Not sim­ply uphol­ste­red but ac­tual­ly crea­ted from fa­bric. That in­clu­des the struc­tu­re. «I gam­bled. And won», ad­mit­ted the young Dut­ch de­si­gner who is buil­ding a ca­reer wi­th ma­te­rials and colours. re­cen­tly pro­clai­med the ri­se of the Dut­ch fur­ni­tu­re sty­le. And pro­fi­led among the ascen­ding stars is Lex Pott. He shi­nes wi­th his uni­que, re­sear­ch-ba­sed ap­proa­ch to basic ma­te­rials whi­ch he mo­der­ni­zes, em­bel­li­shes and dis­sec­ts li­ke cells un­der a mi­cro­sco­pe. «A phy­si­cal de­si­gn un­der a de­co­ra­ti­ve skin». He al­ter­na­tes bet­ween crea­ting sin­gle pieces and mass-pro­du­ced li­nes in his hap­py-go-lucky de­si­gn won­der­land: ar­ti­fi­cial­ly oxi­di­zed mir­rors, pla­sti­ci­zed clay va­ses, pi­ne shel­ves that com­bi­ne so­lid and car­ved pieces, a mo­du­lar linoleum floor that looks li­ke mar­ble. «Wood, sto­ne, ce­ra­mics and me­tals ha­ve been used for thou­sands of years. Culture, tech­no­lo­gy and sty­les con­ti­nual­ly chan­ge. I ask my­self what I can do wi­th the­se ma­te­rials to tell new, fa­sci­na­ting stories. Well, fir­st I look at them, then I pass them back and for­th in my hands and see what they do. I never ha­ve a clear-cut idea in mind, I never know what I am going to crea­te. I try a few

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