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Lo­cal­ly ma­de, craf­ted by hand. Em­ma is an ar­ti­st. Hsu is a de­si­gner. To­ge­ther they li­ve in a te­ch ca­pi­tal wi­thout in­ter­net and wi­th a bea­ch um­brel­la in the li­ving room. «We wan­ted it to be a re­spon­se to tech­no­lo­gy, a re­turn to ori­gins, an im­mer­sion in sim­pli­ci­ty»

The li­ne co­mes and goes. In Jin­Shan, the di­strict cal­led “Gol­den Moun­tain” nor­th of Tai­pei, 300 me­ters from the Pa­ci­fic Ocean, the si­gnal isn’t good at all. Amid the bril­liant green ve­ge­ta­tion and tro­pi­cal hu­mi­di­ty, un­fold 600 squa­re me­ters of a ho­me: th­ree floors, lar­ge pa­no­ra­mic win­do­ws, wi­thout wi­res, hy­per-con­nec­tions and de­si­gn 4.0. «Ra­ther rou­gh ma­te­rials and green plan­ts, DIY fur­ni­tu­re and neu­tral co­lours, all uni­ted by mi­ni­ma­li­st sty­le. We wan­ted it to be a re­spon­se to tech­no­lo­gy, a re­turn to ori­gins, an im­mer­sion in sim­pli­ci­ty», ex­plai­ned Hsu over the pho­ne. The Tai­wa­ne­se de­si­gner, af­ter twen­ty years in Ca­li­for­nia bet­ween the School of Fi­ne Arts and a so-so fir­st mar­ria­ge, has re­tur­ned to Tai­pei and plan­ted a bea­ch um­brel­la in his li­ving room. «We want to li­ve wi­th the idea of al­ways being out in the open air, to li­ve im­mer­sed in na­tu­re», smi­ling as he told the sto­ry of the sun­sha­de’s unu­sual pla­ce­ment wi­thin the walls of his abo­de. To­day he li­ves wi­th his ar­tist­pain­ter wi­fe Em­ma, a for­mer stu­dent who he met du­ring ce­ra­mics clas­ses, in a hou­se de­si­gned, in­ha­bi­ted and de­co­ra­ted for two and two alo­ne. «Du­ring the re­no­va­tion work we mo­ved clo­se by to mo­ni­tor ea­ch cor­ner of the hou­se, step by step: from the de­tails whi­ch, de­spi­te being small, ma­ke up its iden­ti­ty - a car­pet re­co­ve­red from a re­stau­rant, Da­lì’s eye whi­ch stands out in the lar­ge hall, a pa­per lamp - to the mo­re im­por­tant ele­men­ts whi­ch gi­ve it struc­tu­re, su­ch as the foun­da­tion, the floo­ring and the walls». To­day, the thir­ty-year-old old fac­to­ry has be­co­me a lar­ge stu­dio/com­mu­ni­ty wi­th con­cre­te le­vel­led on the floor and tro­wel­led on the walls, nu­me­rous rooms for guests, small li­ving rooms and lar­ger halls, be­drooms, a small kit­chen and a lar­ge gar­den whi­ch is ca­red for by the en­ti­re com­mu­ni­ty. «The­re are ma­ny si­mi­la­ri­ties bet­ween the con­struc­tion of a hou­se and the me­cha­ni­sms of a lo­ve

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