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On­ce upon a ti­me, a young Ita­lian wo­man said ciao to Bo­lo­gna’s chil­ly win­ters and traf­fic grid­lock. çHo­la!, Co­sta Ri­ca. Twen­ty years la­ter, she li­ves wi­th her fa­mi­ly and runs a small bu­si­ness in Montezuma. She ren­ts two cu­stom-ma­de bun­ga­lo­ws to tra­vel­lers, dub­bed the Jun­gle Hub. Her ho­me si­ts on the sa­me pro­per­ty, a mi­ni­ma­li­st mar­vel in con­cre­te and wood. But the li­ving is ru­stic, sans even glass- pla­ned win­do­ws. It’s a jun­gle out the­re

Jun­gle Hub seems su­spen­ded in the tro­pi­cal foliage. No wor­ries, it’s firm­ly groun­ded in the Co­sta Ri­can soil, thanks to rein­for­ced con­cre­te pil­lars that sup­port and gi­ve sha­pe to the pro­per­ties spread across th­ree le­vels: twin bun­ga­lo­ws and the rec­tan­gu­lar-sha­ped main hou­se whe­re Car­la Mon­te­vec­chi li­ves wi­th her fa­mi­ly. The Bo­lo­gna na­ti­ve has cal­led Cen­tral Ame­ri­ca ho­me for so­me twen­ty years, the la­st

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