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The cre­nel­la­ted to­wer and sto­ne floors, du­sty to­nes and pee­ling paint. Dimora del­le Balze is tuc­ked in the hills bet­ween No­to and Si­ra­cu­sa. Pi­no’s bir­th­day gift to his wi­fe, Ele­na. An old far­m­hou­se sur­roun­ded by Me­di­ter­ra­nean bru­sh and ali­ve wi­th de­si­gn

Si­tua­ted in the Me­di­ter­ra­nean scrub bet­ween No­to and Sy­ra­cu­se in Si­ci­ly is a lar­ge and beau­ti­ful pro­per­ty kno­wn as Dimora del­le Balze (or Ruf­fle Ma­nor) - the na­me in­spi­red by the rocks on whi­ch the pro­per­ty is built that seem li­ke un­du­la­ting ruf­fles, echoed by the gen­tle slo­pes of the sur­roun­ding land­sca­pe. The hou­se, wi­th its en­tran­ce un­der a to­wer, exu­des tran­quil­li­ty and a ma­gi­cal qua­li­ty that nou­ri­shes the sen­ses wi­th its beau­ty on the ap­proa­ch along the long dri­ve li­ned wi­th ca­rob trees, the air fil­led wi­th the sweet scent of herbs and the spi­ce of the ear­th. The esta­te was built in the ni­ne­teen­th-cen­tu­ry in­cor­po­ra­ting ear­lier re­mains su­ch as the clas­si­cal co­lumns, hi­gh, vaul­ted cei­lings and Re­nais­san­ce fre­scos whi­ch ha­ve been re­sto­red to

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