Green Park Ho­tel Pam­phi­li

Li­ve the Ca­pi­tal in a green oa­sis in the ut­mo­st com­fort. He­re’s a va­lid op­tion for mee­tings and jour­neys in to­tal re­lax


Sur­roun­ded by a wi­de pri­va­te park, deep in the tran­quil­li­ty, thou­gh it is lo­ca­ted in one of the main areas in Ro­me, the Green Park Ho­tel Pam­phi­li is the ideal choi­ce to stay in the Eter­nal ci­ty. The lo­ca­tion is stra­te­gic for eve­ryo­ne who choo­ses it for a jour­ney, be­cau­se it is not ve­ry far from the ci­ty cen­tre and from the Va­ti­can Ci­ty. The staff pro­vi­des a ran­ge of dy­na­mic of­fers for the or­ga­ni­za­tion of mee­tings and con­gres­ses wi­th the aim of of­fe­ring the be­st ser­vi­ce to their guests.

Dy­na­mic, prac­ti­cal and co­sy mee­ting rooms

Green Park Ho­tel Pam­phi­li has th­ree mee­ting rooms, wi­th a to­tal ca­pa­ci­ty of 250 peo­ple, ea­ch room has a dif­fe­rent si­ze wi­th the chan­ce of se­ve­ral se­tup for the main mee­ting room. All mee­ting rooms pro­vi­de a pre­cious na­tu­ral light and are equip­ped wi­th the right tech­no­lo­gy for eve­ry kind of event, key ele­men­ts to ho­st at the be­st bo­th big and small mee­tings, from the lar­ge­st to the mo­st lei­su­re even­ts of the Ca­pi­tal. The is a lar­ge mee­ting room for up to 250 peo­ple. It is lo­ca­ted on the ground floor of the buil­ding and re­cei­ves a warm na­tu­ral light from bo­th si­des of the

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