Ho­tel Prin­ci­pe di Sa­vo­ia

The fi­ne­st hospitality icon in Mi­lan as well as land­mark for so­phi­sti­ca­ted co­smo­po­li­tan tra­ve­lers as ear­ly as the 1920s, this neo­clas­si­cal buil­ding do­mi­na­tes Piaz­za del­la Re­pub­bli­ca wi­thin the com­ple­te­ly tran­sfor­med bu­si­ness di­strict of Por­ta Nuo­va

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Acan­to re­stau­rant’s young chef, a re­no­va­ted bu­si­ness tech­no­lo­gi­cal sy­stem and a new sy­stem lighting up the ho­tel ele­gant neo­clas­si­cal faça­de: 2016 sees the in­no­va­tion of ele­men­ts that turn out to be the sym­bols of the Ho­tel Prin­ci­pe di Sa­vo­ia, a buil­ding that has been a land­mark for in­ter­na­tio­nal tra­ve­lers hea­ding to­wards the bu­si­ness- and fa­shion- con­scious ci­ty of Mi­lan sin­ce the 1920s. The Ho­tel itself is lo­ca­ted in an area, Por­ta Nuo­va area, whi­ch has ac­qui­red an en­ti­re­ly new fa­ce fol­lo­wing a ma­jor re­de­ve­lo­p­ment pro­ject and whi­ch fa­ces one of its mo­st kno­wn junc­tions, Piaz­za del­la Re­pub­bli­ca.

Amid­st tra­di­tion and in­no­va­tion

Sin­ce the be­gin­ning of the cur­rent year, the Ho­tel re­stau­rant Acan­to has been led by chef Ales­san­dro Buf­fo­li­no: he is a young but ex­pe­rien­ced chef in his ear­ly thir­ties, who has tra­vel­led th­rou­ghout Ita­ly, Lon­don and Fran­ce, whe­re he wor­ked wi­th Mi­chel Gue­rard, a foun­der of the nou­vel­le cui­si­ne beyond the Alps. In syn­the­si­zing the lear­ned tech­ni­ques and ideas in his own per­so­nal cu­li­na­ry phi­lo­so­phy, for this re­stau­rant he’s crea­ted a new me­nu fea­tu­ring lo­cal pro­duc­ts tran­sfor­med th­rou­gh ex­pe­ri­men­tal coo­kings and pro­ces­sing ai­ming at ob­tai­ning uni­que crea­tions. The re­sult is a per­fect blend bet­ween the tra­di­tion and hi­sto­ry of a great ho­tel su­ch as Ho­tel Prin­ci­pe di Sa­vo­ia, on the one hand, and the young chef’s spon­ta­nei­ty and in­no­va­tion po­wer, on the other. The other ele­ment that cha­rac­te­ri­zes the ho­tel’s be­gin­ning of the year is the rea­li­za-

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