Pa­la­ce Ca­sti­glio­ni and Pa­la­ce Bo­va­ra

Two ve­ry pre­sti­gious locations for top le­vel even­ts in the ci­ty

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In the heart of Mi­lan, at the stop Pa­le­stro of Me­tro 1, next to eve­ry prin­ci­pal bu­si­ness, cultural, and in­sti­tu­tio­nal locations, you may find the hi­sto­ric pa­la­ces Ca­sti­glio­ni and Bo­va­ra, be­lon­ging to Con­f­com­mer­cio Mi­la­no, Lo­di, Mon­za and Brian­za. Two va­lua­ble dwel­lings may ho­st ag­gre­ga­ti­ve even­ts, gui­ded by the charm and ex­clu­si­vi­ty. Bo­th buil­dings are ad­ju­sta­ble, so they are able to sa­ti­sfy eve­ry need and they ha­ve the la­te­st ge­ne­ra­tion tech­no­lo­gies.

Pa­la­ce Bo­va­ra

De­si­gned in 1787 by Fran­ce­sco Soa­ve, good ex­pres­sion of Lom­bard neo­clas­si­cal, it is the hea­d­quar­ters of Cir­co­lo of Com­mer­cio Mi­la­no and the fra­mework for sce­nic even­ts: ga­la din­ners, fa­shion sho­ws, ex­hi­bi­tions, cultural ini­tia­ti­ves and wed­dings. Eve­ry event is cu­sto­mi­sed for ea­ch client to be­co­me uni­que and ex­clu­si­ve. Even the in­ner court of­ten sta­ges fa­shion and con­vi­vial hap­pe­nings. For exam­ple, la­st year it ho­sted Ca­sa Ame­ri­ca, whi­ch tur­ned it in­to his hea­d­quar­ters for the mo­st im­por­tant da­tes, and Ca­sa Tai­wan, wi­th its ty­pi­cal re­stau­rant, du­ring the en­ti­re ti­me of Ex­po. Mo­reo­ver, Pa­laz­zo Bo­va­ra is the ideal lo­ca­tion for even­ts of Fuo­ri Sa­lo­ne del Mo­bi­le (wi­th an El­le Dé­cor’s ex­hi­bit this year).

Pa­la­ce Ca­sti­glio­ni

De­si­gned in 1903 by Giu­sep­pe Som­ma­ru­ga, it is the hea­d­quar­ters of Mi­la­ne­se Con­f­com­mer­cio. It’s a jewel of li­ber­ty sty­le, in its en­tran­ce, then, in the mar­vel­lous stair­ca­se, in­ter­wo­ven wi­th bands of flo­ral ba­ni­sters and flan­ked by shi­ny black co­lumns. On the fir­st floor you may find ele­gant rooms sty­li­shly and ta­ste­ful­ly fur­ni­shed that look on­to the splen­did ve­ran­da and in the quiet hid­den gar­den. On sub­ter­ra­nean floor the­re are th­ree rooms ve­ry ca­pa­cious, for exam­ple, Sa­la Or­lan­do that can ho­st up to 500 peo­ple, ideal for as­so­cia­ti­ve and com­pa­ny mee­tings wi­th se­ve­ral par­ti­ci­pan­ts. Tran­sla­tion by Gia­co­mi­na Spa­da­vec­chia

Pa­laz­zo Ca­sti­glio­ni. Sa­la Or­lan­do

Pa­laz­zo Bo­va­ra. Ten­so­strut­tu­ra in cor­ti­le

Pa­laz­zo Bo­va­ra. Sa­la Co­lon­ne

Pa­laz­zo Ca­sti­glio­ni. Sa­la Pa­vo­ni

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