Al­le­groI­ta­lia Ho­tels & Re­sorts

In Mi­lan the ma­de in Ita­ly Ho­tel Group of­fers gla­mo­rous and sur­pri­sin­gly dy­na­mic locations


It’s ex­clu­si­ve­ly Ita­lian the of­fer co­ming from Al­le­groI­ta­lia, a Ho­tel Group whi­ch has been on the mar­ket for fi­ve years; whi­ch coun­ts eight fa­ci­li­ties th­rou­ghout Ita­ly and Chi­na and whi­ch stands for crea­ti­vi­ty, fle­xi­bi­li­ty and in­no­va­tion. Su­ch a Group is built upon two brands: Al­le­groI­ta­lia Ho­tels & Re­sorts and Espres­so­ho­tel. In par­ti­cu­lar, in Mi­lan, Lom­bar­dy’s chief to­wn, the Group boasts a won­der­ful­ly ap­pea­ling and un­con­ven­tio­nal lo­ca­tion for stays and Mice even­ts. Let’s go th­rou­gh them.

Al­le­groI­ta­lia San Pie­tro all’Or­to 6 LU­XU­RY CONDOTEL MI­LA­NO FA­SHION DI­STRICT

In the heart of the fa­shion di­strict, it is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by 24 sui­tes from 40 to 80 squa­re me­tres fur­ni­shed wi­th Ar­ma­ni/Ca­sa Ita­lian sty­le and de­si­gn and equip­ped wi­th kit­che­net­tes wi­th di­sap­pea­ring ca­bi­ne­ts, li­ving rooms and be­drooms. All of the abo­ve en­cou­ra­ges the gue­st to en­joy the com­forts and pri­va­cy of a glam and fa­shio­na­ble apart­ment com­bi­ned wi­th the lu­xu­ry and ser­vi­ce of a 5 star-ho­tel, even for brief so­journs. As for even­ts of any kind, it of­fers ver­sa­ti­le mee­ting spa­ces that can be tai­lo­red to suit the cu­sto­mer’s needs. The Ma­xi Pen­thou­se Sui­te on the fif­th floor co­vers 140 squa­re me­tres: it is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by a lar­ge roof ter­ra­ce in the heart of Mi­lan’s tren­die­st area bet­ween fa­shion and de­si­gn sho­w­rooms, and it is adap­ta­ble to any ty­pe of mee­tings, even­ts or cock­tail par­ties. La­st but not lea­st, the Pen­thou­se Sui­te en­su­res ut­mo­st pri­va­cy and hosts up to 150 peo­ple. Wi­th the sup­port of a ca­te­ring ser­vi­ce se-

Sui­te Fa­shion Al­le­groI­ta­lia San Pie­tro all’Or­to 6

Espres­so­ho­tel Mi­la­no Li­na­te

Al­le­groI­ta­lia San Pie­tro all’Or­to 6

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