Eve­ryo­ne is cra­zy for BE-Wi­zard!

The eighth edi­tion of the num­ber one web mar­ke­ting event in Ita­ly was a sma­sh hit. Se­ve­ral we­re the sector news and trends an­noun­ced by in­ter­na­tio­nal gu­rus li­ke Pe­ter Fi­sk and Ma­thew Swee­zey

Master Meeting - - LE NUOVE FRONTIERE DEL MARKETING - Ma­thew Swee­zey Pe­ter Fi­sk,

Wi­th full rights, its eighth edi­tion con­se­cra­tes BEWi­zard! as the mo­st re­no­w­ned web mar­ke­ting event across Ita­ly, thanks to the stan­dard of the of­fe­red trai­ning and the par­ti­ci­pa­tion of ac­k­no­w­led­ged in­ter­na­tio­nal ex­perts. A mi­xed au­dien­ce ma­de of stu­den­ts, small- and big­bu­si­ness en­tre­pre­neurs, mar­ke­ters and human resources, all dea­ling wi­th com­mu­ni­ca­tion, cro­w­ded the Pa­laz­zo dei Con­gres­si in Ri­mi­ni: this la­st re­cei­ved over 1200 re­gi­stran­ts co­ming from all over Ita­ly, wi­th peaks from Lom­bar­dy, Ve­ne­to, Si­ci­ly and Sar­di­nia, al­thou­gh ma­ny par­ti­ci­pan­ts ca­me even from Au­stria. In­te­re­stin­gly, the afo­re­men­tio­ned num­ber of peo­ple at­ten­ding the 2- day trai­ning turns out to be the hi­ghe­st fi­gu­re of new par­ti­ci­pan­ts ever ( 350 in to­tal). Buil­ding on the suc­cess of its pre­vious edi­tions, this year BE-Wi­zard! has in­crea­sed the num­ber of spe­cia­li­st ses­sions, for a to­tal of six, and ad­ded the food the­me in­si­de its pa­nel.

Au­to­ma­tion and the po­wer of net­works: suc­cee­ding in in­no­va­ting

The co­re of the 2-day mee­ting has been au­to­ma­tion: a world­wi­de cur- rent trend, as con­fir­med by the in­ter­ven­tions ta­king pla­ce in the ple­na­ry hall ear­ly in the mor­ning. Un­der- 35 Prin­ci­pal of Mar­ke­ting In­sights of Sa­le­sfor­ce, a world lea­der com­pa­ny in terms of di­gi­tal au­to­ma­tion, said: «In an au­to­ma­ted world, au­then­ti­ci­ty ma­kes us win; that’s why we need to think in terms of in­di­vi­duals, in this glo­bal world. It fol­lo­ws that ex­ploi­ting tools and soft­ware in or­der to au­to­ma­te pro­ces­ses al­lo­ws to work on the be­st stra­te­gy for eve­ry sin­gle user, mo­ving from the ana­ly­sis of big da­ta». This view is al­so shared by Con­sul­tant for glo­bal bu­si­ness big players star­ting from Fer­ra­ri: «The sa­le will not be the end of the pro­cess, ra­ther its star­ting point be­cau­se in an ever-chan­ging world suc­cess is achie­ved thanks to the com­pa­nies’ abi­li­ty to con­nect cu­sto­mers, hel­ping them share their pas­sions wi­th the aim of im­pro­ving their li­ves. Pre­ci­se­ly this is the po­wer of net­work, da­ta and tech­no­lo­gies and it is pre­ci­se­ly th­rou­gh the com­mu­ni­ties that the de­si­re and the ap­peal of a brand, of a pro­duct and a ser­vi­ce will in­crea­se. “What should one do to im­pro­ve one’s cu­sto­mers’ li­fe?”: this is the que­stion from whi­ch to start out to in­no­va­te one’s bu­si­ness». Fi­sk con­clu­ded men­tio­ning a good 99 exam­ples of com­pa­nies that ha­ve al­rea­dy star­ted their in­no­va­tion and that are al­rea­dy chan­ging the world; among them, one can ci­te the exam­ple of the young Xiao­mi, who­se start-up was in 2011 and whi­ch ac­cor­ding to Fi­sk will out­mat­ch Ap­ple wi­thin a cou­ple of years.

Tran­sla­tion by Fran­ce­sca Vin­ci

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