She­ra­ton Par­co de’ Me­di­ci Ro­me Ho­tel

50 mul­ti­func­tio­nal halls, ex­cel­lent eco-friend­ly location ve­ry clo­se to the ca­pi­tal, he­re, the con­gres­sio­nal and mice find their ideal and un­de­nia­ble di­men­sion


Wel­co­ming, fle­xi­ble, at­mo­sphe­ric. In short, a me­mo­ra­ble ex­pe­rien­ce, thanks to a true pas­sion for the warm re­cep­tion that you per­cei­ve as soon as you en­ter this eco- friend­ly com­plex, ve­ry clo­se to the ca­pi­tal and yet im­mer­sed in the tran­quil­li­ty of the nei­gh­bou­ring green area. She­ra­ton Par­co De’ Me­di­ci Ho­tel is a win­ning choi­ce for tho­se who de­ci­de to vi­sit a big me­tro­po­lis li­ke Ro­me, even mo­re if you choo­se its dy­na­mic and cu­sto­mi­za­ble spa­ces for mee­tings, con­ven­tions, and work­shops, small or lar­ge.

True con­gres­sio­nal oa­sis

Wi­th its uni­que struc­tu­re, or­ga­ni­zed over 3 buil­dings, its 50 mee­ting halls wi­th na­tu­ral light and mo­dern tech­ni­cal equi­p­ment, its lar­ge foyers and open spa­ces, and its re­stau­ran­ts wi­th ter­ra­ces over­loo­king the golf cour­se near­by, the She­ra­ton Par­co de’ Me­di­ci Ro­me Ho­tel is the lar­ge­st bran­ded Ho­tel in Ita­ly, wi­th an ex­cep­tio­nal of­fe­ring for bo­th lei­su­re and bu­si­ness tourism. The struc­tu­re is a true oa­sis for con­gress­men. Mo­re than 50 mul­ti­func­tio­nal halls – in­clu­ding the beau­ti­ful Log­gia dei Si­gno­ri for as­sem­blies wi­th an au­dien­ce of over 550 peo­ple – all wi­th na­tu­ral lighting and equip­ped wi­th the la­te­st tech­ni­cal equi­p­ment. The halls are al­so rea­cha­ble by di­rect ac­cess to fa­ci­li­ta­te the ac­cess of con­struc­tion ma­te­rials and lar­ge ma­chi­ne­ry, sup­por­ted by the Bu­si­ness Cen­tres service wi­th Wi-Fi co­ve­ra­ge, am­ple foyers, ca­te­ring spa­ces in the out­door areas, and lar­ge par­king areas (up to 2000 cars). The ho­tel al­so of­fers ex­ten­si­ve so­lu­tions for the or­ga-

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