An ita­lian hi­sto­ric hou­se for stay­ing and for lit­tle char­ming even­ts

At Bor­go Ric­cio, in the won­der­ful, im­mer­sed in na­tu­re, Tor­chia­ra, hospitality is art joi­ning the hi­ghe­st stan­dard of com­fort, tech­no­lo­gy and well­ness, re­spec­ting the tra­di­tion of Ci­len­to. The ho­stess is An­ge­la Ric­cio, who was top ma­na­ger in big cor­po­ra­tio

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In Ci­len­to, on the th­re­shold of the Na­tio­nal Park – the big­ge­st in Eu­ro­pe and UNE­SCO he­ri­ta­ge – the­re’s a hap­py en­cla­ve of na­tu­re, art and hi­sto­ry whi­ch is wor­th kno­wing, for the ones who ha­sn’t kno­wn it yet. It’s Tor­chia­ra, from Tur­ris Cla­ra ( the emi­nent to­wer), a won­der­ful me­diae­val to­wn, a suc­ces­sion of per­fec­tly pre­ser­ved hi­sto­ri­cal re­si­den­ces (14 in all), of an­cient to­wers and ty­pi­cal hou­ses of Ci­len­to, in­clu­ded in a ve­ry beau­ti­ful na­tu­ral con­text. May­be a few peo­ple know that this to­wn stands out be­cau­se th­ree Ita­lian mi­ni­sters we­re born he­re – An­drea Tor­re (se­na­tor of the realm), Sa­ba­to Vi­sco e Vin­cen­zo Vi­sco –. From he­re a Gree­n­way of 12 km be­gins, whi­ch brings straight to the heart of a green land cha­rac­te­ri­zed by brea­th­ta­king land­sca­pes, ju­st at 7 ki­lo­me­ters from the sea. A ma­gi­cal land whe­re it looks li­ke ti­me has stop­ped and whe­re li­fe flo­ws wi­th a slow rhy­thm in­fi­ni­te­ly com­for­ta­ble wi­th a heal­thy and full li­fe­sty­le. He­re, whe­re An­ge­la Ric­cio has her roo­ts, in bet­ween oli­ve trees, whi­te figs and flo­wers of the Me­di­ter­ra­nean wood­lands, the top ma­na­ger, for­mer ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger of the Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and Ima­ge area of the Fie­ra Mi­la­no from 1991 to 2006, is now en­joy­ing a new li­fe as hospitality en­tre­pre­neur, ma­king her li­fe­long dream co­me true: Bor­go Ric­cio, a hi­sto­ri­cal re­si­den­ce, for bleisure stay­ing and for small top- le­vel event. In the pa­no­ra­ma of ma­de in Ita­ly hospitality, Bor­go Ric­cio is a uni­que gem in its sec­tor: ve­ry po­pu­lar abroad – as you can read on the re­views from eve­ry corner of the

La tor­re in ca­sa al­ta.

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