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Master Meeting - - LE VIE DEL GUSTO -

Anyo­ne who still thinks that spar­kling wi­nes can on­ly be drunk as ape­ri­tifs will find a my­riad of rea­sons in Fran­cia­cor­ta to chan­ge their minds. The wi­de choi­ce of de­li­cious, tra­di­tio­nal lo­cal food can be ideal­ly mat­ched wi­th the dif­fe­rent ty­pes of Fran­cia­cor­ta wi­nes, from star­ters to fir­st and se­cond cour­ses all the way th­rou­gh to the des­serts: Clu­sa­ne- style stuf­fed eel needs Fran­cia­cor­ta Ex­tra Brut; ra­vio­li wi­th ten­ch, caught in Lake Iseo, go hand in hand wi­th Fran­cia­cor­ta Brut; the de­li­cious beef in oil, a tra­di­tio­nal re­ci­pe wi­th a long and com­plex pre­pa­ra­tion, goes per­fec­tly wi­th Fran­cia­cor­ta Pas Do­sé; and the “sbri­so­lo­na” ca­ke wi­th Fran­cia­cor­ta De­mi-Sec is a mat­ch ma­de in hea­ven. If the ga­stro­no­mic tra­di­tion wins over lo­vers of good food, then the crea­tions by the top- class chefs who run the be­st re­stau­ran­ts in the area will su­re­ly sa­ti­sfy even the mo­st de­man­ding and in­qui­si­ti­ve gour­met vi­si­tors. In the land rei­gned over by Gual­tie­ro Mar­che­si for ma­ny years, young and ta­len­ted chef are now rein­ter­pre­ting tra­di­tion by pro­po­sing crea­ti­ve, but al­ways au­then­tic, cui­si­ne: from Ste­fa­no Cer­ve­ni, of the Mi­che­lin- star­red re­stau­rant, “Due Co­lom­be”, to Pier­car­lo Za­not­ti of the re­stau­rant, “Cu­ci­na San Fran­ce­sco”, in the Re­sort, “I Cap­puc­ci­ni”; from Fa­bio Ab­bat­ti­sta, who at L’Al­be­re­ta, in the new re­stau­rant, “Leo­ne Fe­li­ce”, has the one­rous ta­sk of ta­king up the man­tle of Chef Mar­che­si (who­se fa­mous re­stau­rant was he­re un­til 2013) to Lo­ren­zo Ta­glia­bue, over­seeing the kit­chen of the re­stau­rant, “Bar­bo­glio De Ga­ion­cel­li”.

De­gu­sta­zio­ni e de­li­zio­si ab­bi­na­men­ti in can­ti­na e in mez­zo alla na­tu­ra.

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