Kiss-proof Ro­me Lo­ca­tions that ma­ke the heart beat

Ideal shel­ter for a stay whi­ch arou­ses the sen­ses stud­ded wi­th the world’s mo­st beau­ti­ful pa­no­ra­mic view­poin­ts, the ca­pi­tal ci­ty in­vi­tes the vi­si­tor to lo­se him­self amid­st the hi­sto­ric cen­tre’s nar­row al­leys con­cea­ling win­ter gar­dens and halls full of his

Master Meeting - - UNCONVENTIONAL TOUR - Ti­zia­na Con­te Ja­ni­cu­lum Hill (Gia­ni­co­lo) Zo­diac (Zo­dia­co): dens, Vil­la Bor­ghe­se Gar-

In Ro­me it is al­ways Va­len­ti­ne’s day. Few ci­ties in the world suc­ceed in trea­ting vi­si­tors to pla­ces and at­mo­sphe­res that seem crea­ted espe­cial­ly for lo­vers. Kee­ping from kis­sing whi­le wat­ching spec­ta­cu­lar sun­se­ts from Ro­me’s pa­no­ra­mic view­poin­ts seems al­mo­st im­pos­si­ble: in that oc­ca­sion the sky wraps the ci­ty’s in­cre­di­ble hi­sto­ri­cal evi­den­ce, da­ting back th­ree thou­sand years, in oran­ge-red and vio­let hues. Among the mo­st fa­mous ‘win­dow-sills’ fra­ming the Ro­man sky­li­ne, they can be men­tio­ned the and the from he­re the viewer’s ga­ze sweep all the way to the Ca­stel­li Ro­ma­ni. Pre­ci­se­ly, the Ja­ni­cu­lum Hill is si­tua­ted on the right bank of the Ti­ber, clo­se to the sta­tue of Giu­sep­pe Ga­ri­bal­di, the Zo­diac pa­no­ra­mic view­point, in­stead, is si­tua­ted on top of Mon­te Ma­rio, wi­th ac­cess from via­le Par­co Mel­li­ni whi­ch leads right to the hill top ( 139 me­tres) whe­re the view­point has been re­na­med ‘ the pa­th of lo­vers’. A view, this la­st, that had bewit­ched Wol­fgang Goe­the and mu­ch ear­lier al­so Mar­tial, as wit­nes­sed by so­me li­nes of his whi­ch are en­gra­ved on mar­ble along the co­ping of a wall: “Hinc sep­tem do­mi­nos vi­de­re mon­tes et to­tam li­cet Tu­scu­lo­sque, Ro­mam Al­ba­nos quo­que col­les et Ar­tes prae­di­can­di quo­d­cum­que ia­cet su­bur­be fri­gus, Fi­de­nas ve­te­res bre­ve­sque Ru­bras” (From he­re one may see the se­ven lord­ly peaks and ta­ke in the si­ze of the who­le of Ro­me, one can al­so see the Al­ban hills and tho­se of Tu­scu­lum all the cool spo­ts that ex­tend over the ci­ty, the an­cient Fi­de­ne and the small Ru­bra). Strol­ling along the park pa­ths and re­la­xing on the ben­ches, thus en­joy­ing the view, is pri­ce­less. Not to men­tion the club fra­ming su­ch a won­der and whi­ch of­fers the vi­si­tor the chan­ce to ha­ve a break, whi­le sip­ping a drink, and to en­joy a cand­le­lit din­ner, loo­king in­to his/her lo­ver’s eyes. From the Ja­ni­cu­lim hill, as well as from the Zo­diac one, tho­se ar­ri­ving at du­sk will en­joy an in­cre­di­ble star­ry sky, being the hills sur­roun­ded by iso­la­ted green areas, si­mi­lar­ly to the Pin­cio pa­no­ra­mic view­point ne­stled in the fa­mous

from whi­ch to ad­mi­re ama­zing views of the hi­sto­ric cen­tre.

Par­ti­co­la­re del Tea­tro di Mar­cel­lo.

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