Na­ples at the cen­tre of the world

Af­ter the twen­tie­th edi­tion of the Mediterranean Tourism Fair, the ci­ty is con­fir­med in­ter­na­tio­nal destination of great tou­ri­stic and cultural ap­peal

Master Meeting - - SCENARI DEL TURISMO - By TiCo

Twen­ty thou­sand guests, mo­stly tra­vel agen­ts; 500 ex­hi­bi­tors, 400 buyers ca­me from Ita­ly and fo­rei­gn coun­tries to par­ti­ci­pa­te to 5 work­shops. The pre­si­dent An­ge­lo De Ne­gri quo­ted the num­bers of the Tourism Mediterranean Fair la­st edi­tion – the twen­tie­th –, that from the Mo­stra D’Ol­tre­ma­re put the spo­tlight on Na­ples for th­ree days. This year, Gu­sta­vo San­tos, Mi­ni­ster of Tourism of Ar­gen­ti­na, Coun­try con­si­de­red as “Spe­cial Gue­st”, par­ti­ci­pa­ted to the ta­pe- cut­ting ce­le­bra­tion, to­ge­ther wi­th the Un­der se­cre­ta­ries for Cultural He­ri­ta­ge, Do­ri­na Bian­chi and An­ti­mo Ce­sa­ro. The­re we­re also Cor­ra­do Matera, the coun­cil mem­ber for Tourism of Cam­pa­nia, and Lui­gi de

Ma­gi­stris, the mayor of Na­ples, who has no doub­ts on the im­por­tan­ce of this event: «The­se even­ts are cru­cial to make al­ways mo­re po­pu­lar Na­ples and its beau­ties, as con­fir­med by the da­ta, sho­wing that in the la­st two years it be­ca­me a ci­ty wi­th gro­wing cul­tu­re and tourism. The­se out­co­mes are due to a good work ma­de by the Ad­mi­ni­stra­tion and by the Nea­po­li­tans. We have ju­st star­ted. Na­ples is among the fir­st 5 ci­ties in Ita­ly for in­no­va­ti­ve start- ups and a lot of young peo­ple is in­ve­sting in en­ter­pri­ses stay­ing in this town».

Do­ri­na Bian­chi also spo­ke about young peo­ple: «Even if tourism re­pre­sen­ts on­ly the 20% of the en­ter­pri­ses in the Sou­th com­pa­red to the Nor­th, it is de­fi­ni­te­ly an op­por­tu­ni­ty for big gro­w­th, even in terms of oc­cu­pa­tion, and so it can be the fu­tu­re for a lot of young peo­ple who are of­ten for­ced to emi­gra­te in other parts of Ita­ly and of the world. To­day, for the fir­st ti­me in the tourism industry, the Sou­th of Ita­ly is gro­wing mo­re than the Nor­th: 1,5 poin­ts » . A te­sted fair, a dri­ving for­ce for the de­ve­lo­p­ment of tourism also than­king to the Re­gion, as un­der­li­ned by De Ne­gri: «the ro­le of the Re­gion, that wor­ked wi­th us, was cru­cial, it al­lo­wed to gi­ve our ter­ri­to­ry a big­ger ex­po­su­re on the in­ter­na­tio­nal mar­ket wi­th the co­ming of mo­re than thou­sand fo­rei­gn buyers who ca­me he­re all the­se years. In the sa­me way, thanks to Enit and to the Re­gions we fo­cu­sed on the pro­mo­tion of Ita­ly as a who­le, whi­le the Tou­ri­st Boards could be­ne­fit of the BMT as a sho­w­ca­se to pro­mo­te them­sel­ves on our ter­ri­to­ry».

The Stars of the Fair: Adv

«The tran­sfor­ma­tions, co­ming th­rou­ghout the years, ei­ther from the point of view of the pro­duct ei­ther of its mar­ke­ting ways, are lin­ked to a fact: tourism can be do­ne and sold on­ly by pro­fes­sio­nals and we ad­dress to them eve­ry year to tell and to show how and what to sell». This is what De Ne­gri be­lie­ves in and he wan­ts to un­der­li­ne the in­te­re­st for the event sho­wed by tra­vel ope­ra­tors also this year. It’s not a ca­se that the­re was Fia­vet, the grea­te­st union of Ita­lian agen­cies to­ge­ther wi­th ASTOI. Fo­rei­gn de­le­ga­tions also ma­ni­fe­sted sa­ti­sfac­tion for the Fair, star­ting from Ar­gen­ti­na, Israel and the ones who we­re in­vi­ted to par­ti­ci­pa­te to the Adu­tei work­shop. In the In­co­ming area the­re was a great op­ti­mi­sm among the Re­gions co­ming to the fair: Cam­pa­nia in a wi­de area of 600 sqm, Tren­ti­no, Um­bria, Ca­la­bria, Ba­si­li­ca­ta, Emi­lia Ro­ma­gna, Abruz­zo and

a lot of lo­cal or­ga­ni­za­tions su­ch as Ro­ma Ca­pi­ta­le, Ter­re di Pi­sa or the lo­cal ope­ra­tors of Pi­sto­ia.

The fo­cus on Cam­pa­nia

«The out­co­me of na­tio­nal sta­ti­stics sho­wed that we are on the se­cond destination in Ita­ly for cultural tourism. », as ex­plai­ned by the coun­cil mem­ber Cor­ra

do Matera, « We want to in­ten­si­fy the tourism of peo­ple co­ming back to their roo­ts and being able to count on mil­lion com­pa­trio­ts in Ar­gen­ti­na, who dream to see again Ita­ly and Cam­pa­nia, we are sche­du­ling ac­ti­vi­ties wi­th the Ar­gen­ti­nian mi­ni­ster Gu­sta­vo San­tos». So, the Fair is a chan­ce to present “I per­cor­si dell’ani­ma” ( Spi­ri­tual pa­ths), that, than­king to the coo­pe­ra­tion of the dio­ce­ses of Cam­pa­nia, ta­kes to the web the mo­st im­por­tant chur­ches of the Re­gion, de­si­gning new itineraries for spi­ri­tua­li­ty tourism. «The Re­gio­nal stra­te­gic plan­ning star­ted li­ste­ning to the ter­ri­to­ry. This is the way the Fair has been an im­por­tant chan­ce for con­fron­ta­tion and we spo­ke about the im­por­tan­ce of the 24 tourism di­stric­ts of the Re­gion wi­th the mayors, the mem­bers of as­so­cia­tions and wi­th pri­va­te ope­ra­tors who de­si­re to clo­se coo­pe­ra­tion deals wi­th the Pu­blic Ad­mi­ni­stra­tion».

Al­ways mo­re in­ter­na­tio­nal

Af­ter 22 years, BMT has ne­ver re­gi­ste­red a loss of in­te­re­st. 2018 edi­tion of the fair, si­gned by Pro­gec­ta, had a strong in­ter­na­tio­nal trait thanks to the pre­sen­ce of se­ve­ral tourism boards and to the tour ope­ra­tors’ of­fers, al­ways mo­re fo­cu­ses to­ward long di­stan­ce de­sti­na­tions, in ad­di­tion to tho­se hi­sto­ri­cal Mediterranean de­sti­na­tions that has been re­cen­tly on the frin­ges of the mar­ket be­cau­se of social ten­sions. The star was Ar­gen­ti­na, ho­st of ho­nor, wi­th a stand and so­me ac­ti­vi­ties, of­fe­ring ideas for trips to di­sco­ver uni­que colors, sa­vors and na­tu­re as re­mem­be­red by the Mi­ni­ster of Tourism Gu­sta­vo San­tos, who un­der­li­ned the im­por­tan­ce of this event ai­ming to weld the re­la­tion­ship bet­ween his Coun­try and the Sou­th of Ita­ly. «The bond wi­th Ita­ly has al­ways been ve­ry strong: 22 mil­lion peo­ple, half of Ar­gen­ti­nian po­pu­la­tion has Ita­lian ori­gins. We have so ma­ny things in com­mon su­ch as pas­sion, soc­cer and also tourism. In 2016 the­re has been 140 thou­sand Ita­lian tou­rists and if la­st year we re­gi­ste­red an in­crea­se of the 15% this year we will clo­se wi­th +20%». The Ar­gen­ti­nian stand ho­sted not on­ly the go­vern­ment de­le­ga­tion, but it also ho­sted tour ope­ra­tors, air­li­nes and destination mar­ke­ting or­ga­ni­za­tions and it en­ter­tai­ned the guests wi­th ta­stings of lo­cal gastronomic pro­duc­ts and tan­gos sho­ws. Du­ring the fair the Mi­ni­ster an­noun­ced the laun­ch of the “Day of the Ar­gen­ti­nean cou­sin”: This cam­pai­gn is di­rec­ted to in­crea­se the in­co­mings from the “Bel­pae­se” that will in­vol­ve social chan­nels of the Tourism Mi­ni­ste­ry and will be ai­med to the Ita­lian com­mu­ni­ty in Ar­gen­ti­na and to all the Italians all over the world. The of­fi­cial ha­sh­tag will be #Cu­gi­noAr­gen­ti­no, that will train the vi­ri­li­za­tion on the web of the vi­deo fil­med for the oc­ca­sion and that invites Italians and Ar­gen­ti­nians to look for their fa­mi­ly ties and to wri­te a po­st, a tweet or a pic­tu­re wi­th the ha­sh­tag. A lan­ding pa­ge wi­th pro­mo­tions and of­fers will be created for the Day of the Ar­gen­ti­nian cou­sin soon.

A si­ni­stra, in al­to, il sindaco di Na­po­li Lui­gi De Ma­gi­stris e a de­stra l’af­fol­la­ta con­fe­ren­za stam­pa. On the left Lui­gi De Ma­gi­stris, the mayor of Na­ples; on the right the cro­we­ded press con­fe­ren­ce

I sel­lers che han­no par­te­ci­pa­to ai work­shops. The sel­lers who par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the work­shops

L'as­ses­so­re al tu­ri­smo Cor­ra­do Matera con An­ge­lo De Ne­gri. The coun­ci­lor for tourism, Cor­ra­do Matera, wi­th An­ge­lo De Ne­gri

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