San Ser­vo­lo Island

Among the San Mar­co Ba­sin and the Ve­ni­ce La­goon, San Ser­vo­lo Island leads the in­ter­na­tio­nal Mice seg­ment wi­th the Tor­cel­lo Mu­seum and wi­th Vil­la Wid­mann Rez­zo­ni­co Fo­sca­ri of Mi­ra, pro­mo­ting a ri­ch ca­len­dar of artistic and cultural even­ts

Master Meeting - - VENEZIA & L’ALTRA VENEZIA - L.S.

Afew mi­nu­tes by boat from Piaz­za San Mar­co, the island of San Ser­vo­lo, is ex­pe­rien­cing to­day a wa­ve of re­newal, an­noun­ced la­st year by the CEO An­drea Ber­ro: from the end of May 2018, on the oc­ca­sion of the Bien­na­le of Ar­chi­tec­tu­re, ma­ny in­te­riors will present them­sel­ves wi­th a re­sty­ling, ma­de par­tly at no co­st and par­tly wi­th ve­ry ad­van­ta­geous con­di­tions thanks to part­ner­ship agree­men­ts and to the bac­kup of Ita­lian and, espe­cial­ly, Ve­ne­tian en­ter­pri­ses. They be­lie­ved and in­ve­sted in this sho­w­ca­se to make po­pu­lar their brand, of­fe­ring top de­si­gn ex­hi­bi­tions in the re­cep­tion, in the mee­ting rooms and in the 175 rooms that hold a to­tal of 330 beds, who­se 40 are oc­cu­pied by the stu­den­ts of Ve­ni­ce In­ter­na­tio­nal Uni­ver­si­ty and of Col­le­gio di Me­ri­to dell’Uni­ver­si­tà degli stu­di Ca’ Fo­sca­ri, whi­le the others are re­ser­ved to par­ti­ci­pan­ts of con­fe­ren­ces and se­mi­nars, or to tou­rists hap­py to go by fer­ry­boat for 8 mi­nu­tes, who en­joy the view of San Mar­co Ba­sin and the at­mo­sphe­re of the La­goon.

The big re­sto­ra­tion of San Ser­vo­lo Island

Af­ter twen­ty years of state of ne- glect, the island has become a world­ly im­por­tant cultural cen­tre. The re­sto­red buil­dings ho­st even­ts and con­fe­ren­ces. Du­ring the 90s, the re­sto­ra­tion was fi­ni­shed by the Pro­vin­ce of Ve­ni­ce, gi­ving new li­fe to the an­cient sto­nes, to the mar­bles, and to the mu­seum of psy­chia­tric me­di­ci­ne that tells sto­ry of mo­re than two cen­tu­ries of do­cu­men­ts on mad­ness, hea­d­quar­ters of the Foun­da­tion Fran­ca and Fran­co Ba­sa­glia. Seen from the sky the Island is flat and on­ly the two bell to­wers of the Chur­ch of Te­man­za, built du­ring the half of the eighteen cen­tu­ry, ri­se. The island has also dazz­ling whi­te hi­sto­ri­cal buil­dings and a lu­xu­riant green park that co­vers 3,8 hec­ta­res of the 4,82 hec­ta­res of the en­ti­re island.

The Island of de­si­gn

San Ser­vo­lo new look is ju­st the be­gin­ning: from Fe­brua­ry the 16th to Mar­ch the 5th, it ho­sted the event “Ve­ne­zia Pho­to” 50 Ma­ster­class wi­th the grea­te­st con­tem­po­ra­ry pho­to­gra­phers for an in­ten­se and full im­mer­sion in the pho­to­gra­phy world (­ne­zia­pho­ Mo­reo­ver, from May the 26th, du­ring the 2018 Bien­na­le Ar­chi­tet­tu­ra, the­re was the VID, Ve­ni­ce In­no­va- tion De­si­gn that tur­ned San Ser­vo­lo into the Island of De­si­gn.

The con­fe­ren­ce and ex­hi­bi­tion areas

San Ser­vo­lo of­fers a ve­ry in­te­re­sting con­fe­ren­ce cen­tre, mul­ti­func­tio­nal areas for cor­po­ra­te pre­sen­ta­tions, se­mi­nars, trai­ning cour­ses, and cultural even­ts su­ch as con­certs.

Po­st con­gress pro­po­sals

Be­si­des the cultural even­ts and the visit to the Mu­seums of the Mar­cia­na area, at a few mi­nu­tes from the island, guests can make in­te­re­sting gui­ded ex­cur­sions to the Mu­seum of Tor­cel­lo. It has an in­de­scri­ba­ble charm, where it is pos­si­ble to un­der­stand the ori­gins of the la­goon and of na­ti­ve Ve­ni­ce foun­ders. Fi­nal­ly, not to miss the tour among the Man­sions of the Bren­ta Ri­vie­ra ( wi­th the fa­mous Bur­chiel­lo that stops also to Vil­la Wid­mann Rez­zo­ni­co Fo­sca­ri) and in the Land of Tie­po­los.

L’in­gres­so prin­ci­pa­le di San Ser­vo­lo con ap­pro­do (10 mi­nu­ti di va­po­ret­to da San Mar­co). The main en­tran­ce of San Ser­vo­lo wi­th lan­ding (10 mi­nu­tes by boat from San Mar­co)

Par­ti­co­la­re di un per­cor­so espo­si­ti­vo. A de­tail of the ex­hi­bi­tion pa­th

La Sa­la Tea­tro, fi­no a 90 po­sti. The thea­ter room up to 90 sea­ts

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