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A va­ried and hi­gh-le­vel MICE & Bleisure of­fer. For all needs

Master Meeting - - FOCUS BOLOGNA - Mat­teo Me­la­ni

Bo­lo­gna, wi­th its hi­sto­ri­cal cen­tre, fa­mous for its 38 ki­lo­me­tres of por­ti­coes and for mo­nu­men­ts of great hi­sto­ri­cal- artistic va­lue, wi­th its pre­sti­gious Uni­ver­si­ty, one of the ol­de­st in Eu­ro­pe and, even to­day, among the mo­st po­pu­lar – la­st year it ho­sted over 79 thou­sand stu­den­ts – its Gu­gliel­mo Mar­co­ni Air­port, in­ter­na­tio­nal hub, its food and wi­ne tra­di­tion, and its ea­sy rea­ch abi­li­ty, bo­th from the Nor­th and the Sou­th, by train, hi­gh- speed train, and by car ( A1 mo­tor­way), is a li­ve­ly bleisure and MICE destination, able to con­ti­nuou­sly ama­ze and in­no­va­te itself. Fairs, ex­hi­bi­tions, mu­seum tours, art, thea­tre, and mu­sic even­ts make it a ve­ry li­ve­ly, co­smo­po­li­tan, cultural ca­pi­tal of great ap­peal, where the in­ter­na­tio­nal vo­ca­tion goes hand in hand wi­th me­mo­ry. All cha­rac­te­ri­stics par­ti­cu­lar­ly ap­pre­cia­ted by com­pa­nies that, in the ca­pi­tal of Emi­lia, find a tru­ly uni­que mix of mo­der­ni­ty and tra­di­tion, as well as a ho­spi­ta­li­ty and bu­si­ness of­fer of the hi­ghe­st qua­li­ty. The Grup­po UNA, for exam­ple, of­fers four ex­cel­lent fa­ci­li­ties wi­th hi­gh- qua­li­ty bleisure so­lu­tions: Ho­tel Bo­lo­gna Fie­ra, UNAWAY Ho­tel Bo­lo­gna San Laz­za­ro, Ata­ho­tel Bo­lo­gna, and UNA Ho­tel Bo­lo­gna, the lat­ter ha­ving a pu­re­ly bleisure vo­ca­tion whi­le also being sui­ta­ble for small mee­tings. From the cen­tre of Bo­lo­gna to the ci­ty of San Laz­za­ro, tho­se who choo­se a ho­tel of the brand are su­re to go back home sa­ti­sfied.

Ho­tel Bo­lo­gna Fie­ra: the top for MICE

The at­trac­ti­ve po­wer of the fa­ci­li­ty is giv- en by its po­si­tion, in front of the Bo­lo­gna Ex­hi­bi­tion Cen­tre and 2 km from do­wn­to­wn, the ser­vi­ces re­flect the va­lues of ex­cel­len­ce of the Grup­po UNA, ful­ly gua­ran­teeing the sa­ti­sfac­tion of the cu­sto­mer’s needs: ga­ra­ge wi­th vi­deo sur­veil­lan­ce (for a fee), Free Wi-Fi th­rou­ghout the fa­ci­li­ty, laun­dry ser­vi­ce, fit­ness room wi­th Tech­no­gym equi­p­ment. The prac­ti­ca­li­ty of the Grup­po UNA Ho­tel Bo­lo­gna Fie­ra is also found in the rooms (211 among dou­ble rooms and sui­tes) de­co­ra­ted wi­th mo­dern de­si­gn and re­la­xing co­lours. All rooms have a lap­top sa­fe, te­le­pho­ne, Wi-Fi internet con­nec­tion, mi­ni­bar, sa­tel­li­te TV, and air con­di­tio­ning. For mee­tings and even­ts the­re are 6 halls avai­la­ble, to be cho­sen ac­cor­ding to your needs of ca­pa­ci­ty, du­ra­tion, and ty­pe. On the ground floor you can find the Sa­ra­goz­za hall, wi­th a lar­ge foyer that can ac­com­mo­da­te 174 peo­ple, and the Asi­nel­li, Ga­ri­sen­da, and Aren­go halls, near the lob­by, ideal for smal­ler even­ts. On the fir­st floor you can find in­stead the Mag­gio­re hall, di­vi­ded into 5 mo­du­lar sec­tions and able to ac­com­mo­da­te up to 238 peo­ple, and the Net­tu­no hall, for a ma­xi­mum of 30 peo­ple. Re­cen­tly re­no­va­ted, the Bo­lo­gne­se restaurant of­fers ex­cel­lent lo­cal and in­ter­na­tio­nal cui­si­ne. Fi­nal­ly, for cock­tails, ape­ri­tifs, and re­la­xa­tion breaks, the­re is the Loun­ge Ca­fè.

UNAWAY Ho­tel Bo­lo­gna San Laz­za­ro: an event in a “fra­me” of great ap­peal

Tho­se who want to en­joy an ex­pe­rien­ce that combines na­tu­re, hi­sto­ry, and tech­no­lo­gy, find the mo­st sui­ta­ble lo­ca­tion in the UNAWAY Ho­tel Bo­lo­gna San Laz­za­ro. The rooms are avai­la­ble for all needs: classic, su­pe­rior, and sui­te. All of­fer mo­dern ame­ni­ties and a quiet, plea­sant en­vi­ron­ment, wi­th details that are re­mi­ni­scent of the ter­ri­to­ry, ope­ning to the ou­tsi­de, su­ch as the cei­ling and the glass wall in the hall and the reeds in­si­de the va­ses. Pri­de of the fa­ci­li­ty is the con­gress cen­tre of San Laz­za­ro, im­mer­sed in the gree­ne­ry of Vil­la Ci­co­gna, hi­sto­ri­cal dwel­ling da­ting back to the Re­nais­san­ce, per­fect ve­nue for pre­sti­gious mee­tings.

Ata­ho­tel Bo­lo­gna: func­tio­na­li­ty and re­fi­ne­ment meet

The Ata­ho­tel Bo­lo­gna is lo­ca­ted in Via Lar­ga, pla­ced in­si­de a va­st pro­ject com­pri­sing the Uni­pol to­wer and a con­nec­ting buil­ding wi­th se­ve­ral re­stau­ran­ts and a fit­ness cen­ter. Built ac­cor­ding to an ar­chi­tec­tu­ral pro­ject de­si­gn, de­ve­lo­ped on seven floors hi­gh, ho­sting a pre­sti­gious loun­ge at the ground floor, a restaurant, break­fa­st hall and a loun­ge bar. In all its bright rooms you no­ti­ce the at­ten­tion to details. The ho­tel of­fers a mo­dern Con­fe­ren­ce Cen­tre con­si­sting of mo­du­lar mee­ting rooms wi­th na­tu­ral light whi­ch ho­st a ma­xi­mum of 270 per­sons. You can choo­se bet­ween the Asca­ri room whi­ch coun­ts 130 sea­ts, it can be di­vi­ded in 3 spa­ces that ho­st 35 guests, or the Nu­vo­la­ri and Fan­gio rooms whi­ch can ho­st up to 70 guests and can be di­vi­ded in two 35 sea­ts bu­si­ness rooms. Ea­ch area of the Bu­si­ness Cen­ter is na­med af­ter a fa­mous pi­lot, sym­bo­li­zing the mo­dern and dy­na­mic con­nec­tion of the Ho­tel whi­ch pay ho­ma­ge to the re­gion of Emi­lia Ro­ma­gna, home of mo­tors in Ita­ly. Ata­ho­tel Bo­lo­gna ex­press its soul in the cu­li­na­ry heart. You can en­joy fi­ne cui­si­ne and at­ten­tion to eve­ry sin­gle de­tail, from pre­sen­ta­tion to the qua­li­ty of in­gre­dien­ts.

Ho­tel Bo­lo­gna Fie­ra

UNAWAY Ho­tel Bo­lo­gna San Laz­za­ro

Ata­ho­tel Bo­lo­gna

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