MICE 2019 in Ve­ni­ce

Master Meeting - - VENEZIA & L’ALTRA VENEZIA -

Hil­ton Mo­li­no Stuc­ky Ve­ni­ce is cur­ren­tly pro­mo­ting an of­fer for group even­ts ta­king pla­ce in Ja­nua­ry and Fe­brua­ry 2019. The even­ts needs to be con­fir­med by Sep­tem­ber 30th 2018, for a mi­ni­mum of 30 rooms per night (avai­la­bi­li­ty per­mit­ting). Be­ne­fi­ts in­clu­ded are: free WiFi (up to 6 MB band­wid­th), free group trans­por­ta­tion on the main ar­ri­val day and 5 up­gra­des to next room ca­te­go­ry. For mo­re in­for­ma­tion: ve­ni­ce_e­ven­ts@hil­ton.com | +39 041 2723 523

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