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“Rome’s great glad­i­a­to­rial arena is the most thrilling of the city’s an­cient sights. In­au­gu­rated in AD 80, the 50,000-seat Colos­seum, also known as the Fla­vian Am­phithe­atre, was clad in traver­tine and cov­ered by a huge can­vas awning held aloft by 240 masts. In­side, tiered seat­ing en­cir­cled the arena, it­self built over an un­der­ground com­plex (the hy­pogeum) where an­i­mals were caged and stage sets pre­pared. Games in­volved gla­di­a­tors fight­ing wild an­i­mals or each other.”

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