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Again this year, Con­fin­du­stria Al­ber­ghi (the Ita­lian Con­fin­du­stria As­so­cia­tion of Ho­tels) is ta­king part in the main in­ter­na­tio­nal even­ts de­di­ca­ted to in­vest­ment in the ho­tel tou­ri­sm sec­tor. A pri­vi­le­ged point of view for loo­king to the fu­tu­re in our sec­tor, whi­ch is in­crea­sin­gly clo­ser lin­ked to in­ter­na­tio­nal dy­na­mics.

This is the spe­cial fo­cus of our very fir­st issue of See Ita­ly and thanks to in­ter­views wi­th the main players, it dra­ws a com­ple­te pic­tu­re of the world of in­vest­men­ts and real esta­te for tou­ri­sm.

What emer­ges is a strong si­gnal that al­lo­ws us to look con­fi­den­tly to the fu­tu­re.

The­re is fer­ment in the Ita­lian ho­tel sec­tor – 2015 saw im­por­tant ope­ra­tions by in­ve­stors who are loo­king far beyond the year ’s re­sul­ts, al­beit po­si­ti­ve, and who ha­ve in this way con­fir­med con­fi­den­ce in Ita­ly’s ro­le as a lea­der in world tou­ri­sm.

Our ope­ra­tors know this too, sho­wn by the re­spon­se to the Tax Cre­dit put in pla­ce by the MIBACT (Ita­lian Mi­ni­stry for Cul­tu­ral He­ri­ta­ge and Tou­ri­sm) for re­fur­bish­ment and di­gi­ta­li­sa­tion and by the at­ten­tion that the big banks are af­for­ding the sec­tor. Con­fir­ma­tion that, beyond the pas­sion that dri­ves tho­se wor­king our sec­tor, tou­ri­sm in Ita­ly is de­sti­ned to ta­ke on a mo­re and mo­re im­por­tant ro­le for the coun­try’s eco­no­my.

A pos­si­ble goal, tou­ri­sm can con­tri­bu­te mo­re than the cur­rent 11% to the na­tio­nal GDP, but the ti­me has al­so co­me to re­view a re­gu­la­to­ry fra­mework that is out of step wi­th evo­lu­tion on the mar­ke­ts and una­ble to “read” the new phe­no­me­na.

The im­pe­tuous gro­w­th of the sha­ring eco­no­my is ac­ce­le­ra­ting this need and mu­st be­co­me an op­por­tu­ni­ty for an ove­rall re­shuf­fle in le­gi­sla­tion go­ver­ning the ho­tel sec­tor, whi­ch mu­st be adap­ted to the needs of a chan­ging mar­ket.

Em­ploy­ment, en­han­ce­ment of ma­de in Ita­ly th­rou­gh food, fa­shion and de­si­gn – the ho­tel in­du­stry brings this coun­try va­lue. It is de­ve­lo­ping in li­ne wi­th the ob­jec­ti­ves of the col­lec­ti­ve in a lo­gic of aware­ness and sa­fe­guar­ding of our cul­tu­ral, ar­ti­stic and so­cial he­ri­ta­ge.

See Ita­ly, this new pu­bli­ca­tion by our As­so­cia­tion, in­tends, right from this very fir­st issue and by mee­ting tho­se di­rec­tly in­vol­ved, to ta­ke a good hard look at the­se aspec­ts wi­th the aim of re­sto­ring our sec­tor to the po­si­tion it de­ser­ves in Ita­ly’s eco­no­my.

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