As­soim­mo­bi­lia­re: “Rea­dy to in­no­va­te”

seeITALY - - Sce­na­ri - Al­do Maz­zoc­co, pre­si­dent of As­soim­mo­bi­lia­re

“The tou­ri­sm sec­tor in a coun­try li­ke Ita­ly is stra­te­gic by its ve­ry na­tu­re (its land, ar­ti­stic and en­vi­ron­men­tal he­ri­ta­ge and its po­pu­la­tion). It the­re­fo­re goes wi­thout say­ing that the ho­spi­ta­li­ty com­po­nent of its real esta­te is ju­st as stra­te­gic, a fun­da­men­tal ele­ment re­qui­red to sup­port and ma­ke its tou­ri­st bu­si­ness com­pe­ti­ti­ve. Ita­ly is en­te­ring the era of glo­ba­li­sa­tion and the eu­ro wi­th a he­ri­ta­ge of in­fra­struc­tu­re and prac­ti­ces that are not al­ways sui­ted to this new con­text, wi­th an un­pre­ce­den­ted weal­th of po­ten­tial clien­ts but al­so cha­rac­te­ri­sed by un­li­mi­ted com­pe­ti­tion and the need to achie­ve hi­ther­to un­k­no­wn eco­no­mies of sca­le and le­vels of ef­fi­cien­cy. Whi­le ma­king it ea­sier to ac­cess our mar­ket, the sin­gle Eu­ro­pean cur­ren­cy al­so un­der­mi­nes two fun­da­men­tal le­vers from a struc­tu­ral point of view: com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ness lin­ked to a weak cur­ren­cy whi­ch used to de­pre­cia­te wi­th ma­the­ma­ti­cal ac­cu­ra­cy and the ob­vious pro­fi­ta­bi­li­ty of any in­vest­ment in ho­tel real esta­te (and not on­ly) gi­ven the pro­fit en­su­red by to­tal re­turn ( Yield + in­fla­tion). This set of fac­tors means that an evo­lu­tion in ho­spi­ta­li­ty real esta­te in­fra­struc­tu­res is ur­gent and need not ne­ces­sa­ri­ly fol­low the exam­ple of other coun­tries. Ex­tre­me­ly frag­men­ted ow­ner­ship, the all too of­ten sin­gle-fa­mi­ly si­ze of ho­tel com­pa­nies and the short­co­mings of a net­work lin­king ser­vi­ces re­qui­re a tai­lor­ma­de mo­del that ena­bles fa­mi­ly bu­si­nes­ses to mo­der­ni­se their ho­tels (th­rou­gh the com­bi­ned ac­tion of tax in­cen­ti­ves/ur­ban plan­ning sim­pli­fi­ca­tion and sup­port for cre­dit), at the sa­me ti­me ope­ning the mar­ket up to mo­re com­pe­ti­ti­ve in­ter­na­tio­nal chains, abo­ve all in the me­dium/low brac­ket. It is ti­me to look not ju­st at the lu­xu­ry ho­tels that ha­ve writ­ten the hi­sto­ry of our mar­ket, but to open up in a con­vin­ced man­ner to the new Eu­ro­pean for­ma­ts that are en­joy­ing su­ch hu­ge suc­cess, even in a coun­try li­ke Ger­ma­ny that star­ted out in a si­tua­tion mo­re or less si­mi­lar to our own. We mu­st avoid a con­tra­sting lob­by si­tua­tion bet­ween fa­mi­ly-run ho­tels and in­ter­na­tio­nal chains; a clear dif­fe­ren­tia­tion in ser­vi­ces of­fe­red mu­st be en­cou­ra­ged and fa­ci­li­ta­ted that pre­ser­ves the va­lue of Ita­lian tra­di­tion (espe­cial­ly in Al­to Adi­ge) wi­thout igno­ring in­ter­na­tio­nal trends. Main­ly be­cau­se the evo­lu­tion in IT al­lo­ws for ra­di­cal re­thin­king of the sin­gle-fa­mi­ly ho­tel sy­stem. In the sa­me way as the re­st of Ita­lian real esta­te stock, ho­we­ver, it re­qui­res hea­vy in­vest­ment in­to re­fur­bish­ment and as a con­se­quen­ce chan­nels for the flow of in­ter­na­tio­nal ca­pi­tal mu­st be ope­ned, of­fe­ring stan­dard con­di­tions and a le­vel of ri­sk com­pa­ra­ble wi­th our Eu­ro­pean com­pe­ti­tors, Fran­ce in the lead. The­se gui­de­li­nes and the­se ef­forts to open our mar­ket up to fo­rei­gn in­sti­tu­tio­nal in­ve­stors are the co­re of the As­soim­mo­bi­lia­re pro­gram­me”.

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