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The UBI Group has a big pre­sen­ce in im­por­tant tou­ri­st areas; so­me 17,500 group clien­ts al­rea­dy ope­ra­te in the tou­ri­st sec­tor and can count on the ca­pil­la­ry pre­sen­ce of mo­ver than 1,500 bran­ches and around 50 pri­va­te & cor­po­ra­te uni­ty poin­ts.

Bo­th the­se clien­ts and pro­spec­ti­ve clien­ts ali­ke can count on a ran­ge of ser­vi­ces that in­clu­des mo­re tra­di­tio­nal ones (fi­nan­cing and ba­sic ban­king), to­ge­ther wi­th a hi­ghly in­no­va­ti­ve di­gi­tal part. The mo­re tra­di­tio­nal ser­vi­ces of­fe­red by the UBI Group in­clu­de the fol­lo­wing tools for ope­ra­tors in this sec­tor: or­di­na­ry and ea­sy­term fi­nan­cing; ea­sy pri­cing fi­nan­cing for bo­th in­vest­men­ts and a need for wor­king ca­pi­tal in the

me­dium-long term; ea­sy-term fi­nan­cing wi­th ca­pi­tal gran­ts or in­te­re­st gran­ts under re­la­ti­ve na­tio­nal or re­gio­nal la­ws to tou­ri­sm ope­ra­tors. As part of its di­gi­tal ser­vi­ces, the UBI Group pro­vi­des ope­ra­tors wi­th “UBI Pay”, a mo­bi­le pay­ment app for smart­pho­nes (con­tac­tless pay­ment, mo­ney trans­fer, on­li­ne pur­cha­se wi­th card port­fo­lio, elec­tro­nic wal­let).

Du­ring 2016, this app will fur­ther evol­ve to ena­ble di­rect pay­ment to af­fi­lia­ted mer­chan­ts (ho­tels, re­stau­ran­ts, bars, tic­ket of­fi­ces, etc.), in other words the op­tion of pay­ing the af­fi­lia­ted mer­chant di­rec­tly from a smart­pho­ne wi­th real-ti­me de­bit/cre­dit. Fi­nal­ly, an in­no­va­ti­ve pro­ject is un­der­way that aims to "in­te­gra­te” con­su­mers and tou­ri­st ope­ra­tors in a sin­gle app.

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