Sta­rho­tels: “Ita­ly is hugely at­trac­ti­ve to funds”

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Eli­sa­bet­ta Fa­bri fo­re­casts the ar­ri­val of new in­ter­na­tio­nal chains and an­noun­ces: “We are as­ses­sing stra­te­gic part­ner­ships”

The Sta­rho­tels ho­tel chain, hea­ded by Eli­sa­bet­ta Fa­bri, closed 2015 wi­th a tur­no­ver of so­me 200 mil­lion eu­ros wi­th a dou­ble-di­git in­crea­se re­spect 2014. As far as con­cerns fo­re­casts for 2016, “it will de­fi­ni­te­ly be a chal­len­ging year for va­rious rea­sons on a wor­ry­ing so­cio-eco­no­mic sce­na­rio", ex­plains the ma­na­ger, “our ob­jec­ti­ve will be to mat­ch re­sul­ts achie­ved in 2015, wi­th an eye on in­ter­na­tio­nal mar­ke­ts, whi­ch still ha­ve a lot of unex­pres­sed strong po­ten­tial".


The group has a to­tal of 25 ho­tels in the hi­gh and lu­xu­ry brac­ket, of whi­ch 5 are ou­tsi­de Ita­ly: New York, Lon­don and Pa­ris. The la­te­st ad­di­tion is a bou­ti­que ho­tel in the cen­tre of Lon­don, due to open in the sum­mer, whi­ch to­ge­ther wi­th the ones in Go­re and Pe­lham ma­kes a the to­tal of th­ree in this ci­ty. “Li­qui­di­ty on the in­ter­na­tio­nal mar­ke­ts means that Ita­ly is a very at­trac­ti­ve coun­try for ma­ny funds, and this will ra­di­cal­ly chan­ge the se­tup of ho­tels in our coun­try wi­th the ar­ri­val of new in­ter­na­tio­nal chains. A achie­ve­ment yet to be rea­ched is crea­tion of a big Ita­lian-brand ho­tel chain, to­ge­ther wi­th a de­ter­mi­na­tion for ag­gre­ga­tion th­rou­gh a su­stai­na­ble pro­ject. As far as Sta­rho­tels is con­cer­ned”, adds Eli­sa­bet­ta Fa­bri, “in 2016 we will be fo­cu­sing on the fu­tu­re evo­lu­tion of our brand, of our or­ga­ni­sa­tion and on as­sess­ment of stra­te­gic part­ner­ships as fur­ther sti­mu­lus for gro­w­th. This is a year of tran­si­tion, wi­th too ma­ny va­ria­bles beyond our con­trol, if we al­so think of the ra­pid chan­ges, even in so­cie­ty and cul­tu­re, that we are seeing and the con­stant th­rea­ts that un­der­mi­ne our free­dom. We feel a need to re­flect on our fu­tu­re and con­cen­tra­te our ef­forts on op­ti­mi­sing re­sul­ts”.

Ma­de in Ita­ly

Mea­n­whi­le, wi­th re­gard to Ita­ly, our part­ner­ship wi­th Ea­ta­ly has led to the start of a new sea­son that is in­crea­sin­gly all about Ma­de in Ita­ly, re­sear­ch in­to food and wi­ne and en­han­ce­ment of lo­cal areas. “Our ca­te­ring sec­tor now has a well-de­fi­ned iden­ti­ty”, she ex­plains, “wi­th a brand that shares our fun­da­men­tal prin­ci­ples, na­me­ly de­fen­ding and sup­por­ting the gro­w­th of

Ita­lian pro­du­cers in the food and wi­ne sec­tor. Our ho­tels are the per­fect sho­w­ca­se for pro­mo­ting our ex­cel­len­ces, thus in­crea­sing the per­cep­tion of the Ita­ly brand in all its va­rious ex­pres­sions.

We of­fer our guests gua­ran­teed qua­li­ty in­gre­dien­ts and this is ap­pre­cia­ted by our Ita­lian and in­ter­na­tio­nal clien­te­le, in­clu­ding our cor­po­ra­te clien­ts, who pre­fer the Ea­ta­ly op­tion for even­ts re­qui­ring ca­te­ring”. We ce­le­bra­ted our 35th an­ni­ver­sa­ry wi­th a do­na­tion to Florence Ci­ty Coun­cil for restoration of the ba­lu­stra­des around Piaz­za­le Mi­che­lan­ge­lo, whi­ch we see as a sym­bol of this ci­ty.

Thanks to the Art Bo­nus, com­pa­nies li­ke Sta­rho­tels can con­tri­bu­te to sa­fe­guar­ding and de­ve­lo­ping our enor­mous he­ri­ta­ge, wi­thout whi­ch Ita­ly would lo­se its main at­trac­ti­ve­ness fac­tor”, Eli­sa­bet­ta Fa­bri ends by say­ing.

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