Mi­lan and Ro­me: boom in non-ho­tels in 2015

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The R&D ho­spi­ta­li­ty stu­dy con­cer­ning the choice of apart­men­ts as ac­com­mo­da­tion, fo­cu­ses on the ex­tra ho­tel mar­ket trend par­ti­cu­lar­ly in Mi­lan and Ro­me.

R&D ho­spi­ta­li­ty has car­ried out a new stu­dy in­to ho­spi­ta­li­ty in apart­men­ts, wi­th the aim of ana­ly­sing the non-ho­tel mar­ket si­tua­tion in Mi­lan and Ro­me, the Ita­lian ci­ties that in 2015 we­re cha­rac­te­ri­sed by two in­ter­na­tio­nal even­ts: EX­PO and the Ju­bi­lee. For Mi­lan, R&D ho­spi­ta­li­ty fo­cu­sed on the po­st-EX­PO pe­riod, ana­ly­sing the chan­ges oc­cur­ring in the com­po­si­tion of ser­vi­ces pro­vi­ded by the ho­spi­ta­li­ty mar­ket. Whe­reas for the ca­pi­tal, Ro­me, an ana­ly­sis

was car­ried out of the ho­tel and non-ho­tel si­tua­tion be­fo­re the Ju­bi­lee star­ted.

Mi­lan af­ter EX­PO

Com­pa­ri­son of the two ci­ties re­vea­led va­rious in­te­re­sting fac­ts. In de­tail, the fir­st part of the stu­dy, re­gar­ding Mi­lan, al- lo­wed com­pa­ri­son of the num­bers of ho­tels and non-ho­tels, hi­ghlighting the fact that no­n­ho­tel ac­com­mo­da­tion ex­cee­ded ho­tel ac­com­mo­da­tion du­ring EX­PO. This fac­tor was evi­dent from bo­th com­pa­ri­son of of­fi­cial fi­gu­res for Mi­lan and al­so fi­gu­res re­gar­ding ac­com-

mo­da­tion on the main on­li­ne di­stri­bu­tion platforms su­ch as Boo­king.com and AirBnB. The stu­dy sho­wed a dif­fe­ren­ce of al­mo­st 1000 struc­tu­res bet­ween of­fi­cial da­ta and struc­tu­res re­gi­ste­red wi­th the Boo­king.com por­tal.

Roma be­fo­re the Ju­bi­lee

The se­cond part of the stu­dy loo­ked at Ro­me and for the ca­pi­tal too re­vea­led that no­n­ho­tel ex­ceed ho­tel ac­com­mo­da­tion, de­spi­te ho­we­ver sho­wing a sub­stan­tial

dif­fe­ren­ce bet­ween of­fi­cial fi­gu­res and tho­se on the Boo­king.com por­tal.

In par­ti­cu­lar, bet­ween the of­fi­cial and por­tal fi­gu­res, the­re is a dif­fe­ren­ce of ju­st over 2000 struc­tu­res. Un­li­ke Mi­lan thou­gh, the ci­ty of Ro­me posts of­fi­cial fi­gu­res hi­gher than the struc­tu­res re­gi­ste­red on the main por­tals. In de­tail, of­fi­cial fi­gu­res gi­ve 9008 units – of whi­ch 8025 are non-ho­tels and 983 are ho­tels – whi­le ac­com­mo­da­tion on the Boo­king.com to­tals 6840 units. The­se lat­ter are all in the ci­ty of Ro­me and in­clu­de 6020 non-ho­tel and 820 ho­tel struc­tu­res.

Com­pa­ring Mi­lan, Ro­me, Pa­ris, Barcelona and Lon­don

The sur­vey con­ti­nued, sho­wing com­po­si­tion of the ac­com­mo­da­tion in the main Ita­lian and fo­rei­gn ci­ties, hi­ghlighting how, du­ring 2015, all the ci­ties in que­stion re­gi­ste­red a grea­ter num­ber of non-ho­tel struc­tu­res than ho­tels, wi­th the­se ho­we­ver having dif­fe­rent weight from one ci­ty to ano­ther.

In con­clu­sion, the fi­gu­res gi­ven al­low con­fir­ma­tion that the ho­spi­ta­li­ty mar­ket is chan­ging ra­pid­ly, at­trac­ting in­crea­sin­gly grea­ter in­te­re­st bo­th from pri­va­te in­di­vi­duals, who see this kind of ser­vi­ce as a new form of in­co­me, and al­so from the bu­si­ness sec­tor, whi­ch over the pa­st year has ma­de con­si­de­ra­ble in­vest­men­ts in this sec­tor. The strong in­te­re­st sho­wn by com­pa­nies is con­fir­med in the fi­gu­res pre­sen­ted in the fi­nal part of the stu­dy, whi­ch sho­ws the ma­jor na­tio­nal and in­ter­na­tio­nal players in the ser­vi­ced apart­ment mar­ket.

R&D ho­spi­ta­li­ty, spe­cia­lists in re­sear­ch and de­ve­lo­p­ment of in­vest­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties in the ho­tel sec­tor, has set up the Free­sty­le ho­spi­ta­li­ty ser­vi­ce com­pa­ny, whi­ch ope­ra­tes in pro­per­ty ma­na­ge­ment, of­fe­ring de­si­gn, ma­na­ge­ment and mar­ke­ting of real esta­te (www.free­sty­le­ho­tels.it).

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