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Sec­tor per­for­man­ce bet­ter th­rou­ghout 2015

2015 sho­wed an ove­rall im­pro­ve­ment in per­for­man­ce by ho­tels in Ita­lian lo­ca­tions exa­mi­ned by RES Ho­spi­ta­li­ty Bu­si­ness De­ve­lo­pers th­rou­gh STR Glo­bal. “We ana­ly­sed per­for­man­ce by about 500 ho­tels in the me­dium and hi­gh brac­ket in 14 Ita­lian de­sti­na­tions”, ex­plains the com­pa­ny, "out of a to­tal of about 62,000 rooms”.

Com­pa­ring per­for­man­ce in 2015 to that in 2014, Mi­lan, thanks to the suc­cess achie­ved du­ring the 6 mon­ths of Ex­po, was, un­sur­pri­sin­gly, the queen of the ci­ties in que­stion: wi­th room oc­cu­pan­cy up by 9.4%, an ave­ra­ge dai­ly ra­te (ADR) in­crea­sed by 19.3% and an ave­ra­ge re­ve­nue per avai­la­ble room (Re­vPAR) of +30.5%. The re­port then gi­ves po­si­ti­ve per­for­man­ces by Na­ples, Mal­pen­sa (at­tri­bu­ted al­mo­st de­fi­ni­te­ly to the Ex­po ef­fect), Turin – whi­ch has sho­wn con­stant gro­w­th sin­ce 2013 – and Lec­ce. “The fi­gu­res show that 2015 was a po­si­ti­ve year cha­rac­te­ri­sed by ge­ne­ra­li­sed gro­w­th”, com­men­ts Marco Ma­la­cri­da, pre­si­dent of RES Ho­spi­ta­li­ty Bu­si­ness De­ve­lo­pers.

“The con­se­quen­ces of the ter­ro­ri­st at­tacks in Pa­ris im­pac­ted end-of-year tou­ri­st flo­ws to the main Ita­lian de­sti­na­tions, but not to the so­cal­led se­con­da­ry ones, whi­ch sho­wed an in­crea­se in room oc­cu­pan­cy. Ave­ra­ge dai­ly ra­tes are al­so sho­wing an in­crea­se, as is the Re­vPAR. The­se po­si­ti­ve si­gnals, to­ge­ther wi­th ap­pre­cia­tion of the US dol­lar and gro­wing in­ter­na­tio­nal de­mand, al­low us to be cau­tiou­sly op­ti­mi­stic about the cur­rent year”.

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