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The­re is al­so a pie­ce of Ita­ly in the ho­tels that ha­ve joi­ned The Small Lu­xu­ry Ho­tels of the World, whi­ch now to­tals over 520 struc­tu­res in 80 coun­tries. The new en­try in Ita­ly is La Pe­schie­ra in Mo­no­po­li, Pu­glia, a for­mer fi­shing re­ser­ve in Bour­bon ti­mes, tur­ned in­to a lu­xu­ry ho­tel. Eve­ry­thing about this ho­tel celebrates the sea, star­ting wi­th its 12 rooms, whi­ch all en­joy views of the Adria­tic Sea. The ho­tel has seven pools, a stret­ch of pri­va­te san­dy bea­ch and spa of­fe­ring tha­las­so-beau­ty the­ra­pies. The re­stau­rant ser­ves fre­sh fi­sh, on a ter­ra­ce over­loo­king the sea.

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